Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bugs, thousands of em !!!!!!!

I've always wanted to play Epic, yet for some reason I never did. Of course now its all OOP I want to get it as I love playing scifi. I most play solo on at home as I build a backstory to it all as I find straight up shooting boring.

Of course all this ends up as is my muttering to myself at the Kitchen table over some toy soldiers but its entertainment. My new role at work is really draining at the moment and I'm overworked and overloaded. So I need to get back into some regular painting\planning to clear my mind.

So after I helped play Test's rules Patrol Angis I've been playing with some new rules developed by a friend.

My initial game is Marines v Bugs - You can get much purer than that I guess !

I land my Space Wolves on the planet "ChipsenPies" to clear some bugs. I take several marine Squads, support weapons, artillery and some Assault Marines.

 My marines advance and hump it towards the high ground.

 While the bugs burst out of every nook and cranny.
 1st Company of Grey Wolves take the high ground and see the horizon is a sea of bugs. A quick radio check to the operator sees the Whirlwind support artillery blasting the masses from long distance.
 But on they come. The Marines brace themselves for the impact and soon are fighting at close quarters.
 However superior firepower and protections (Big guns and Big Armour) save the day and the bugs are stomped underfoot.
 Even their queen breaks out of her nest to show her displeasure but it is no use. Assault Marines surround here while Land Raiders suppress her.

Jolly good fun ! In a few days time it will be the real deal - Starship troopers. Not that Hollywood crap (Vietnam in space) but proper Starship troopers.

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