Saturday, July 6, 2013

Walcheren fever

Where have I been............I have been in Australia on and off over the last few months which has coincided with  a downturn in wargaming\painting hobby itself. I was going to take part in the ACW Gettysburg refight in Christchurch this weekend but I had to pull out as I needed to be in Australia yet again for work. I have also sold a TC3 property (after some lengthy process as the buyer turned out to be one of the biggest idiots I have ever dealt with), changed jobs and run a half marathon.

However, I am not in Australia I am home (in NZ) in bed with pneumonia and have been in bed since Thursday morning. It looks like I will be in bed for a few days yet as I am trying to avoid going into hospital as they are such frightful places and Id rather stay here drugged up to the hilt, reading about Astronomy on the laptop and playing Napoleonic PC games. I got sick as I was tired from constant travel, dealing with idiots, the fact its horribly cold in nz at the moment and general lack of sleep due to children, work and coughs.

To amuse myself I found a Napoleonic add-on for a game called mount and blade warband - which is extremely entertaining. Its a first person shooter and you can be one of several troop types per nation and it is multiplayer, so every person in the game is another real person.

It also has musicians so you can play regimental music for the host nation, and also play pianos
But enough of this silliness !!
Anyways hopefully once the lurg has gone I might look at getting fernando enterprises to paint some figures for me to get a project going asap.

Take care all.