Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ramelle "Take two."

Some time ago I managed to take part in a refight of the Ramelle area on 7th June 1944. Last weekend the same table was used again and was an encounter action between advancing Allies and a German batlegroup

All 10mm Pendraken figures from Colin and Jim Morton's collections (I need to get mine painted asap). I drew a map of the action and then promptly lost it so all I have are some out of sequence pictures.

My Panzer Grenadiers give some Paras who "came a calling" a good kicking in the woods. Very soon "For you the war is over" was being barked in bad English.
 The German HQ sits  in the village sampling local fare.
My Tigers prowl in the fields while getting bombarded by 105mm Howitzers (That didn't do a thing to them).
 Paul's German Infantry secure our objective.
 Colin's fabulous British Para Mortar section.
 A German battalion forming in the woods for its assault (They can't see us so no artillery is incoming).
 The Sherman's skulk in cover !
 The Tigers pounce.
 And "pounce" they did get as they missed all firing (You know those woe-full dice you roll when you don't need to roll them), the supporting infantry then missed......everything and some Paras in the woods took them out. It always amazes me how bad my dice get when its a "critical roll" and how that luck then transforms into my opponents dice that all become 6's.

I did feel better 5 mins later as some Stug's lit up the Sherman at 100m range but I only have 3 Stugs and there are still 10 Shermans floating around.

The game is in the balance and it will be continued, hopefully the moons all align and I can get to the game.

Very enjoyable game it was and I managed to game from 9am through till 4.30pm - A massive achievement.!.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

28mm Perry ACW - 83rd Pennsylvania.


Last year I was going to play in the Gettysburg Refight, I had some figures painted but then Pneumonia struck and and I simply faded out for a good few months. I found the figures last week and decided to finish them off and then sell them to anyone who would actually use them.

I used the same painting techniques on these as my 15mm so they are very blue. However on my various trips to the States I have seen all shades of Union uniforms so I think they are fine . Perry figures are a joy to paint, but after 6mm/15mm I forgot how much space a painted and based 28mm unit will take up.

(I am also amazed that my camera (held together by medical tape) managed to take such good photos)

I can't remember who I got the flags off but they are good. I d need to finish them off as there were glued on but not tidied up afterwards. (I should have really put the flags bases in the right position for my photo).

28mm figures look bloody great don't they.  I won't do ACW in 28mm (20mm and 6mm are enough) but it was good fun painting them up, if a year late that is.

I'm looking at my Napoleonics and WSS with Envy but I need to finish a lot of other things off first. I do need to rebase my Napoleonics first and also finish off the Allied Armies (Prussian, Russian and British) but as it means at painting 300 figures and rebasing 800 or so I'm not really THAT motivated.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Rally Round the King testing.

So far this week I have played three solo Rally Round the King Games (from Two hour Wargames). These games have been to simply play test the rules as I get ready for a Solo Talomir campaign to generate some battles. The first game on Sunday night took around an hour and ended up in the Goblins getting smashed to pieces on a Dwarven shield wall. I then discovered that I got the rules on Goblins wrong (Skirmishers and formations) so I then played another game and it ended up in the Dwarfs getting a hiding (The dwarf General tried to turn the tide and ended up as a kebab) and I then discovered flaw 2 in that I had mistaken the Terror rule (It only applies to big nasty things like wolves but not goblins) so things wouldn’t have been as bad for the Dwarves. So a third game ensued – this took about half an hour and I found I knew the rules pretty well by now so I only had to refer back to the unit statistics a few times. The dwarves took the third game and the survived simply due to well train troops that could simply endure a battering.

You will see from the pic below I that I can get this on a table (I’ll have a bigger gaming mat and scenery of course) and have it all taken care of in an hour – right next to the kettle and biscuit tin.

The Talomir campaign involves a group of nations that fight in the world of Talomir. These are a mix of Humans and other folk (Goblins, Orcs, Elves etc etc). The great thing is the Human nations are simply Historical armies substituted into another settings.
I have never played ancients before so I will also be using RRTK to get used to these type of warfare and also learn about different nations and troop types that will hopefully form some bases if I ever get around to playing HoTT Tournaments at CWC. It was also mean I have will have 3 Ancient armies I could possibly use for something else.

Talmoir Nations
Tropilium – (Late Roman) – Legion and Auxiliary.
Treyine – (100YW English) – Archers and dismounted Knights.
Border Kingdoms- (Normans) – Retainers and levies.
Elf- Archers and Soldiers.
Dwarf- Crossbows and Soldiers.
Goblin- Little green men with pointy sticks and the odd wolf rider.
Orc- Bigger green men with pointy sticks and the occasional big nasty thing.

I am just finishing painting the Normans and Romans and then I will be ready to start.  The next project is to get some small WW2 6mm forces finished for the same purposes.