Saturday, August 18, 2012

Work Bench - All Things Zombie


So yet another small project I have are some zombie games - a mix of Modern and 18th Century zombie Apocalypse to simply act as solo entertainment. As part of this I am slowly gathering figures and terrain to make the kitchen table game area look  a little more populated. 

Below is an older building that I yanked out of the box and touched up, next to it is a QRF Stagecoach I had laying about that will be a prop for a game. I picked up the shed off trademe and I'm not sure who made it.

My 18th Century games will will be a rip off of the Sleepy Hollow genre where some local town gets terrorised by nasty dead things - will the townsfolk survive, will the Militia make it through the night ? Who knows. I'll be using All Things Zombie for this to see how it all runs (With a few tweaks of the rules).

For the modern zombie genre I have found my Old Crow sciFi APC and have finally weathered it a little, next will be some insignia\numbers so it can be used as some special military vehicle that comes to save the day, or get turned into zombie food.
And where would a zombie game be without an assortment of vehicles ?
Below are some 1:87 (HO) scale cars I bought off trade me for about $8 each and they fit 15mm perfectly. Not toy cars (Matchbox\hotwheels) as they are too big but proper Railway \ car models that I took a fancy too. I Merc SUV, Local Sheriff squad car and finally what will be my personal (Well my 15mm persona's) luxury car. I have a few more floating about, as well as picking up some 15mm modern scenery from "The Scene" who just had 20% off sale. I don't have too much urban terrain so cant recreate a city but I might bases the games in  a rural area.
The rest of the terrain mound - Railway tracks, Telephone poles, tree etc etc.
For the 18th C zombie games I have all the figures already - AWI and Pirates for the "Humans" and zombies for the undead. For Moderns I have (To paint) a mix of survivors, cops, military, scientists and rednecks that I'll use, from Rebel Minis\Khurasan and "The Scene".

So yet another project I starting to think I'm Obsessive Compulsive or simply a magpie. I think I'll try a solo ww2 game this week to use all this stuff.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Work Bench - 6mm


Hayden and I have managed a few more 6mm ACW games to play test "Black Powder" and they have gone really well. We started using Polemos rules and at first they seemed fun but then we basically had 3 crap games and spent 99% of the time simply trying to move but since we made the switch to Black Powder we have had 2 really enjoyable games, bloody but enjoyable. I hope to take the camera next time but I keep forgetting as the table looks really good.

So I decided to finish off my 6mm Union troops and scenery that I had going so when my last small order from baccus arrives everything will be completed quickly. I just need some Kepi skirmishers for my Sharpshooters, some cavalry and a few more generals and I'm all set.

 Below is the church I semi finished last year and then used in some games. I have finally gotten around to weathering and "sprucing" up the base with foilage etc etc. While its a masonry UK church, I'm not too fussed it won't be historically accurate as we will still "shoot the shit out of it" anyway.

My small Zouave Battalion, I don't have a specific unit in mind but simply painted them and handpainted an Irish Standard, instead of the usual 60x30mm base I split them into 2 30x30mm bases so they can act as smaller battalions. I have also painted 2 skirmish stands (behind them) for when they deploy a skirmish line. Since we moved to Black Powder I now have a use for the skirmish stands that came with the army pack.
The last few Regular US line battalions glued to their bases, 6mm baccus figures and handpainted flags. I do have some printed flags somewhere but I have no idea where, so I simply painted my own and in 6mm they take about 10 mins. I quite like these figures to paint, very easy and while these look a little rough compared to my first units from 30cm away you cant tell.

So only 1 Inf Regt, 2 Sharpshooter, 6 Guns and 2 Cavalry to go !