Sunday, June 21, 2015

CWC Waterloo Refight.

This last weekend was spent in a very enjoyable 28mm Waterloo Refight at the Christchurch Wargaming club. Organized by Basil and Mike it attracted around 15 players and their combined Napoleonic collections.

It was the first time my entire French army has taken the field (as Reille's Corps) and the game also saw Archduke Piccolo's forces form Lobau's Corps, Chasseur's French as D'Erlon and a good hodge-podge of others collections. I must mention Napoleon (Our very own Archduke Piccilo) was not there on the days until late as he was ill with a virus so Chasseur truly took over in his role of Ney. Chris Packer was also an excellent help with the finer rule details that we had not encountered in our practice games.

Below - from Belle Alliance to Hougoumont Reille's Corps are deployed.

And in a strange circumstance I ended up commanding the entire Corp while on the other flank one Corp had 4 Divisional commanders. I guess Hougoumont scared them and they would have also been attracted by all the Pretty Cavalry on the other flank.  In the end I even took control over Lobau as he arrived as no one seemed to want to take over - So at the end I was controlling 2 French Corps which was very enjoyable and also challenging.

My task was to ignore Hougoumont and attack the British between that stronghold and Le Haye Sainte  which I did with gusto. I recommended to Ney that he ignore this flank and send the Guard and Lobau to the right of Le Haye Sainte which did occur though some delay was encountered getting them on the table.

Due to an oversight in the OOB's (Unit strength was reduced by 50% except for guns which seem to have been overlooked) I had to attack in the face of 7 batteries of 4 guns. The overstatement of artillery and smaller units simple meant barely any French could get close. The artillery rules also seemed failry generous to the firer as you could simply point all 7 batteries at one battalion and ping pong around the table doing that.

However this did stop the Reille ! Below the troops brave the cannonade and  surge forwards - the table was far too wide and my back is killing me now !.

Into the Foot Guards surged the 61st Line and the Foot Guards ran for the hills,

The Archduke's forces surge onto the Field as Lobau. They did not see any serious action but they did look the part.

Some of my Prussians even managed to sneak onto the field. (Excuse the bases as I did them the night before !). Next to them are Chasseur's Prustrians !

Time ran out here. We could really have played another days worth of moves which I think we have shown the French to be triumphant. It was a good (but long) few days and I am tried and sore - and its Monday tomorrow so not rest for me !.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ready for Waterloo

Its 10.57pm and I have just finished packing up my figures for the Waterloo refight at the CWC.

100 odd British, 100 odd Prussians and around 900 French are now ready and waiting for setup tomorrow. The climax of a long 6 months painting\basing\fixing is now here and I can enjoy the game and then sit on my backside not painting a damn thing for a few weeks !.

It shall be pics galore tomorrow !

Thursday, June 11, 2015

1st Foot and the UK

For the Waterloo re-fight I am providing 3 Allied units as well as Prussians and the French horde. The 1st, 33rd Foot and a Nassau contingent and for the 1st Foot I dragged out my Front Rank originals (purchased in 1994 I think) that were sitting in a box needing some attention. Below are the results - I have not painted British in a very long time !

I've also noticed I forgot a few things back in the day so will tidy them up before basing.I am behind on my Waterloo stuff due to a cold and being away (again). I am just finishing the last french and artillery then I need to spend all week basing something like 500 figures - EEK !

Luckily in October and November I have scored a work trip back to the UK and will take a holiday before hand to pop over to Dublin to see my family and then the Essex massif. A potential side trip to Wolverhampton has also be sounded for a few nice pints and catch up with friends. So very exciting news and has made my year - I guess working like a dog does pay off sometimes !

So given this opportunity I will need to plan getting some figures\wargames supplies while I am there - Take advantage of some postage free deals within the UK or have the cheek to turn up at actual war game suppliers shops (Which could prove to be financial suicide).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Prince August

So on Saturday I had some free time to try the Prince August 25mm moulds and try different types of metals. The kitchen oven was used for this process and it worked a treat though I need a better work area as I made quite a mess.

I have two Molds - British Infantry and Belgian Chasseurs.

Below are the first run  - one mold held by clamps, the other rubber bands (To see if they work). My first problems is judging how much to pour as I did too much the first few times.

Safety equipment - I need new gloves though and should probably not be doing it all next to the toaster.
The first castings I have ever done - I was really happy ! The dude on the right got melted down as his musket was poorly formed.
I tried a few more and they were bad so I simply tested various things I need to do to get a good figure. A good temperature, a better and faster pour.

Below the Dutch\Belgians
The British.

Overall I enjoyed it - the figures are never going to win any beauty contests but to chuck out a few units I will use them.  I saw Basil's figures yesterday at the CWC and they paint up well so these will complete my allied armies.

Bad photos, birds and cats.

In my new found enthusiasm for taking photos I have unfortunately forgotten a simple rule of the whole process - using the focus ! So alas a raft of images are now ruined due to my forgetfullness but I have learned my lesson.

The closest thing to a photo is below with another 2 French line units ready to be based. and the Tri-colour placed on. My Waterloo progress is full on as per usual - only 3 more units to complete and then finish off the artillery and generals and that is the figures all done. Then it will be a week of basing and the whole French Army is complete.

So far this year I have:
Repainted -  60 odd old figures.
Painted from new  - 300 or so French.

Never again ! ..............well not until the Prussians\Russians.

The only photos that turned out any good were non wargame related.
Bird on a roof (yet to be identified)

 Cat in a box.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

28mm HAT Nassau Troops


My painting continues for the Waterloo refight. Unfortunately a sudden family illness had me at the hospital a fair bit last week and then for the past few days staying away from home looking after a family member.  One thing I did manage to sneak into my away kit was a tonne of soldiers and paint  !

Apart from household duties of cooking\cleaning\entertaining visitors I did manage some time to paint and it was quite relaxing. I have painted another 78 French infantry and also started a test figure for the Nassau Regiment I am providing for the allies. Recently I picked up a few boxes of HAT 28mm figures and they are quite dandy little things so I am going to use the French Voltigiers for the Allied Nassau troops who wore the French uniforms.

Below is the first test figure - Easy to paint and I am really happy with the output. They are going to look splendid ! As the uniform is made up of very simple colours it was a breeze to paint and I am looking forward to the rest - the same with the Legere. Things get complicated for the rest of the french of course - white breeches, coats, lapels, lace, shako cords etc etc  so its nice to have a simple uniform to take care of.

Hopefully by the end of this week that will be the French Infantry completed and I can base them up and get some decent photos.

Still left to do is:

1 British Foot, a tonne of French Artillery and some generals.

Monday, May 11, 2015

To Guard or Not To Guard ?

The Christchurch Wargaming Club is hosting the Waterloo refight on June 20th and as such I am providing Reille's Corps and some parts of Kellerman's cavalry. This amounts to something in the order of 1000 figures which I am busily sorting out. Afterwards I am tempted to sell someone of so I will how that goes but the problem is I am quite attached to some of them - oh well I can sell them when I'm older !

Only one of these is an Imperial Guard unit - a minifig Foot Chasseur unit of 24 figures. I was never going to include the Guard at all but there is that feeling deep down that I should at least have a few.

So at some stage in the next while I will try and pick up 24 Grenadiers, 24 Middle Guard, 2 guns and most likely 12 Chasseurs a Cheval. Victrix look like good candidates currently as their Middle Guard is due soon.

I have also taken the plunge and ordered two of the latest Prince August moulds for Waterloo British infantry and Nassu troops. I have always wanted to try casting my own figures so now I will get the chance. The newer moulds are more detailed I guess but this project is more to satisfy my own experiment than get some finely detailed troops. I'll get some model quality metal to try out and then look at melting my odds and sods bucket.

The odds and sods bucket is made up of the following:
  • Broken front rank from the earthquake ((maybe 10 or 12)
  • 25 Minifigs limber horses (Why did I buy these again ?)
  • 15mm TTG Napoleonic figures .
Of course I will be testing the metal melting process first and not mixing makes of figures as the metal content will differ I'm sure.