Sunday, February 10, 2019

A visit to Hearn's Hobbies in Melbourne

I was recent;y in Melbourne and managed to visit Hearn's Hobbies whom I knew had a good supply of HAT figures. I managed to pick up 

  • Galic Command
  • SYW Prussian Infantry and Command
  • Napoleonic Dutch and Belgian infantry
  • German Tank Riders 
  • Luckily I found Italeri Arab Warriors (x2) and British Sepoy Infantry.

 In the post I also received:

  • The Men Who Would Be Kings
  • The Pikeman's Laments
  • Civil War Cardboard Figures

Now I just need time!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hex North Africa

Last weekend Archduke Picollo and I met for a game of Hexblitz as get ready for some North African re-fights.

This game was a set piece action where would could get used to the rules again, as well as the moficiations that Archduke had made.

Archduke shall write one of his excellent reports, so I shall just show off some photos(and use it as an excuse to play around with my blog layout).

The obligatory setup picture with rulebook included. The action saw the Italians defending the North African Coast while awaiting German reinforcements.

My SHQ Tropical Italians defend For Cappuzzo.

German and Italian units defend Halfaya Pass while awaiting the Allied attacks.

21st Panzer defend Hafia Ridge while elements flank the approaching Allies.

The game as I left it. The Germans still hold the ridge but have lost Halfaya and point 206 (Bottom left)

Exciting stuff!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Back into it

Recently, for light entertainment, I purchased two computer games from matrix games

Scourge of War - Waterloo

Fighting the Waterloo campaign at Battalion Level.

An online review of this game was quite right. Graphics are crap, the terrain is crap but this game is epic if you want to refight huge Napoleonic battles.

So far I have taken some smaller games (Attacking Hougonmont and Holding the line (as Brunswickers) and I hope to attempt a divisional game soon before ultimately fighting Ligny, Wavre and Waterloo.

Strategic Command -  WWII - War In Europe

Fighting WW2 European\Africa theatre - This is a bit like Hearts of Iron but not as granular (You command Corps\Armies with some basic research) not the full divisional\political micromanagement level HOI was.

In my game, Poland fell easily, as did the low countries and I managed to just knock out France. Do I take on Russia as historically expected or push through the Balkans and head to the middle east?

I know one thing for sure, the Italians cannot hold North Africa at all.

The WW2 game was picked up after Archduke Picillo and myself played a hex-based Desert War game last weekend (Update to come). I have some travel coming up so it will be a good activity to fill time on the boring business trips I do.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Command Decision - North African Progress


I have returned from the usual winter doldrums where no time and motivation are lacking.  In the last month or so I have achieved a fair amount, but did not record any progress on the camera.

There are 4 projects ongoing at the moment, all targetted as Command Decision WW2.
  • North Africa - DAK
  • North Africa Italian
  • North Africa 8th Army
  • Normandy British.
The Italians are 99% complete and ready to roll onto the Archduke Piccolo's table. Afterwards, I decided to complete one of the Panzer Grenadier\Schutzen Regiments as I had all my desert pains handy.

First I needed to make up for some missing vehicles and lucky the local swap meet solved some of those requirements.

 But another area I was lacking was trucks (I had 2). So I have discovered a source of Opel Blitz trucks from China, not for the detail-oriented mind you but they look pretty good and suit my needs.

 A few other trucks picked up from  Mr Shields has met my quota as now I have 20 trucks

Over the next week, I shall load some more progress on the DAK, as well as get the Italians ready for a parade.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hexblitz Italian North Africa

A short post.

After a very long hiatus, Archduke Piccolo has tempted me to get back into the "game". He cunningly lured me into several games of Memoir 44 only to then present me with Hexblitz.  Some time ago I also managed to snapup a copy of Megablitz.

So after a long time, the production line kicked into action last night !

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Second Hand Books

I have hit a patch of lethargy, where I cannot be bothered doing any painting. Busy at work, home and general life leaves my fairly tired at the end of the day.

 During this time I did manage to pick up some second-hand books from an estate sale. A collection of Wargaming Books - one in particular "The War Game" was worth the purchase alone. others are a mix of useful books (I now have two copies of "Napoleonic Wargaming" though)

 And a collection of Uniform Books which are very interesting, one of which has the old "plates" in it from drawings. 

So some useful resources. One of the books is in French and has some excellent 70's style drawing in it of Uniforms from 1700 - 1970). I also received some 20mm Italian ww2 support weapons in the post so I suspect this will finally get me off my backside.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Desert War Progress

Full steam ahead on the Desert War Italian and British Armour. All that is required now is to paint the bases and flock them in a desert style mix of sand and light colours.

Stuarts,A-tanks and Portee are Frontline War gaming 20mm, Matilda is matchbox I recall(20 years old at least), Crusaders are Airfix or matchbox (20 years at least), Valentines are PSC and CV33's are S-Model.

 Below all the axis infantry is on the paint tray ready for basing. (While I did not need D.A.K I did them anyway (3 Battalions Worth)). The stands in green are my original Esci figures from 1994 😁.

 The Blackshirt stands for some of the better quality Italian units. (Caesar figures of which I have another box to complete)

 The Italeri Italian 120mm Howitzer, this thing is massive.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start basing them and get them done and then move onto finishing the DAK and British.