Sunday, January 22, 2017

US Armour - 4th Infantry Division

I spent a week in Auckland and took a box of Confederates with me to finish, however the hotel had very bad lighting so painting was pretty much a non event. Not sure why they thought any type of lamp or light near a desk could be of use.

So on my return I have completed a German Infantry Battalion of 1057th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division for Utah Beach. I have the second battalion to base and finish, then I can move onto the next regiment and the support troops (Once they are done I can take some pictures).

In the meantime I have been preparing the US Armour for the small attachments of 70th Tank Battalion and 899th Tank Destroyer. M10s and M3 Shermans are Armoufast, the right two are Italeri M4A3 Quick builds -  They have all been undercoated and now need finishing and I have some baggage to also load. The M10 crew will simply be scalped from unwanted infantry unless I can find some American crew to use.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Command Decision WW2 - US Infantry and German Parachite Infantry.

So in a short break between restoring\painting ACW armies I spent a few days kick starting my ww2 command decision armies. I am planning to have forces for Utah Beach\Cherbourg area as there is a good mix of units on both sides and as the German Divisions in that region were badly equipped, I can use a lot of different vehicles. I have kept these guys pretty simple - paint and a wash really, with a very simple flock base. Thought it better to get the units done than mess around on too much detail.

6th Parachute Regiment.

I had painted some German's a while back. Here are a few of the Para's that I based along with the Americans.

  1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, US Army
Old Esci US Infantry with two old trucks a brand new Italeri Quick build Jeep and  Grubby Tank 57mm gun. The gun and jeep need finishing off and I should really repaint the trucks but I will finish the new stuff first.( I glued the prone figures tot he bases before flocking - what a mistake )

My plan is to complete one battalion at a time per nation so I can use them in smaller games solo at home.

I'm off to Auckland for work for a week so in that lovely spare time in the evenings (no dishes, no bedtime stories, no garden watering) I plan to finish another 4 Confederate Regiments.

Monday, January 9, 2017

New ACW 20mm Regiments and clearout.

Merry Christmas and New Years to everyone.

My daughter fractured her elbow on the 27th so the holidays have been slightly underwhelming for her but all in all she has been in good spirits and pain free. I have not had a war-game in a long time but painting has restarted as I no longer wear the wrist brace.So I have been working full time in getting my ACW Union troops ready for some small skirmishes (using Archduke Piccilo's solo campaign as motivation.).

I finished the figures and then use Matt Gloss spray on them , leaving them to dry in the garage. As the sun caught the figures it was a brilliant view -  Long lines of gray, sky blue and red all based and ready to go, I was quite chuffed  to be honest and I am not sure if it is simply having finished a large batch or my love of bright colours.

The figures are a mismatch of makers  and I painted one from each maker, with perhaps another 8 other units to complete (Mostly Airfix and Italeri). I have not named any units yet as I was too busy painting them.

 Revell Infantry Regiment.
 Esci Regiment.
 Airfix Artillery Battery. (I have not separated the single bases yet)
 Airfix Generals. (From Artillery Set I recall).
An Italeri Zouave unit and a good old Airfix Regiment.

A little tidy up to do and then straight into the box to make 7 Infantry Regiments ready. I will then varnish and base the Rebels up and have a small game.

Motivation is abundant here at the moment as I am also working on Command Decision 1/72 WW2 figures - more to come !. But I have also finally decided its time to clear some stuff and make room and fund other needs.

Most likely to go will be the Mantic Elf army I purchased 1 year ago (and painted 20 figures), my 6mm WW2, most likely 15mm Colonial (Unpainted) and a pile of space marines I have gathered over the years.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wrist Injury


In early November I  tore some cartilage in my wrist and now wear a wrist brace that has metal splits in it and I cannot hold anything comfortably (typing is painful now) .

I tried to do some painting but its quite uncomfortable so I have given up. I have worn a brace now for around 5 weeks and still have another four weeks to go so its going to be a very boring christmas.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finished Units

I actually finished some units in the last few days which has been a good morale boost. I seem to have gone for so long without actually completing anything that I found myself preferring to read books or play computer games.

So to inspire myself I pulled out 24 Hat Saxons and promptly painted them as Spanish Infantry. I have toyed with creating a small force of 1/72 Figures in order to try Big Battles \ Small tables for the Peninsular war. I have the figures already and they are lighter than my 28mm horde so would fit nicely in a box and can play on my "table" (which is a bed). I have enough Spanish, French and English to re-fight any battle but they just need painting.

At the time the HAT Spanish were not available so I purchased the Saxon's to fill in and they do a reasonable job if one does not look too closely.

I also has two days off sick last week due to a heavy cold so I was able to finish the basing on my completed WSS Unit. I am glad I finished them but pretty unhappy with the unit as a whole due to a series of mistakes I made since putting them together. Its an imagination unit of the Rechburgian army, the rest of my figures will be French.

  • Figures pose selection was awful - I don't know why I included 4 firing figures in the mix.
  • Wrong officer figures for the unit.
  • Painting groups at a time and not using the same colours (I am not making the same mistake with my Spanish)
  • Missing steps - The faces are really bad I am actually redoing them. They have eye sockets that I may have to paint as eyes.....goldfish eyes of course.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finally some action on the painting desk

Its been a real grind to get these 28mm WSS figures done over the last week. I have had the time but not the motivation to complete them but as of last night they are now based and just need to final finish and flocking.

So Barry's unit is almost complete and then I can finish the Spanish. Warlord Games have also advised the WSS figures will be back in production soon so I plan to get three more boxes for the French troops I need and that should round off the force quite nicely.

I also picked up some Mantic Elf Cavalry to be the mounted aspect of my Elven army (90% unpainted as per usual). I really like the horse but the rider is less pleasing to the eye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Cat is a Menace

I have been motivated of late to work through my WSS and SciFi figures but on some nights this motivation is continually interrupted by "the white menace".

Our beloved cat, flake who is deaf (Does not stop me talking to her) really enjoys being part of the action and being close to people in the house. However when painting figures this proximity is really impeding me to the point where some nights I have had to stop.

(If you did not know already a deaf cats meow is amplified so locking her way just results in a long wailing session. (She cannot go outside as she will not hear dogs or cars )) I don't like closing the door in case my daughter wakes.

Here in her natural pose of "This is my bed".

However a pattern soon developed as I noticed she likes to sit in large boxes.
She also likes to sit on boxes, not any boxes mind you but boxes that have war-game figures in them.

As I paint she then likes to come and explore what I am doing, and sit right in the middle of the session. She will, of course jump from the floor directly into the midst of whatever I am doing which has resulted in many freshly painted figures getting white fur stuck to them.

Now she has started to take an interest in sitting in my container that has my paints in it.

Also at my painting desk she sits at the window behind the curtains, her wagging tail knocking anything in reach off onto the floor.

This week I have tried to paint but once I finally got her to go away she then returned to go and pee in the corner of the room (Another issue) which took about 20 minutes to clear up.

Tonight I hope to complete some figures and the first step in that plan is getting the cat to sleep on my daughters bed at bed time !