Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Well no pics yet but I have been progressing on the figure front.

Tonight I will be finishing making 4x HAT PzIII J's and 4 HAT StugIII as well as finishing basing my ACW inf and cav. I'll take pics and then some more through the process.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is a list of all my unpainted armies\figures. Currently I dont have any fully painted.
I'll hope to have pics of my projects up as I going along.

1. 8 Regt ACW Confederate (Italeri 1/72)
2. 6 Regt Westhphalian Front Rank\Foundry 28mm
3. 30 Front Rank British SYW, 30 Iroquis, 10 french
4. 15mm WW2 Skirmish figures (Essex,FOW)
5. Command Decision 1941 Desert Commonwealth
6. Command Decision 1943 Germans (Italy)
7. Command Decision 1944 US Para (Normandy)
8. 15mm Spanish 1809 (Essex\AB)
9. 15mm Roman Army (Essex\Lancashire)
10. 25mm Roman (Foundry\GB)
11. 1/72 Prussian Infantry Napoleonic (to be sold)



This is a blog I'll use to give pics of figures I paint from my hobbies.

I have wargamed since I was a kid - some people think it is childish - some people think it is can think what you like as do what I enjoy.

I started when I was 13ish - when i was small my mother used to paint some soldiers for us I and liked the colours and history. I still do. I don't wargame much anymore but a, gettnig back into it.