Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MIssion Control- Request fire mission, over..Mission Control do you read me ?.......Rodger Young !!! Do you copy ?

Also known as Big Battleship orbits planet while Starship Troopers get a pasting.

Another quick SciFi game to play test some rules. Classic Starship Troopers v Bugs and not looking that good for the bugs However a weak Mobile Infantry Force, lots of bugs and A Starship that seemed interested in other things led to a great game.

A short summary - Starship troopers landed, shot bugs and then faced a bug Tsunami.  A certain spaceship in orbit could not be reached several times for fire support and the Troopers had to fight and die the hard way. They managed to shoot their way out......just.


Francis Lee said...

Good looking minis.

e-rules said...

Thanks Francis - the bugs are mainly Pendraken 10mm Aliens, with some GZG "warrior bugs" mixed in for flavour. The MI are 15mm GZG Hound Dog mechs to make them look a bit chunkier - so actually not much actual 6mm in evidence this time!

And the Mobile Infantry dispute the vile Bug propaganda that our battlefield communications are unreliable - ground forces were in full contact with the Roger Young at all times. She was just... busy, doing other important stuff...

Another triumphant Victory, brought to you by the Federal News Network - do you want to know more?!

Michael Peterson said...

Sounds super-suspenseful. These sorts of bat reps make me think fondly of the old Avalon Hill Starship Troopers game, and tempts me to revisiting it with minis. Perhaps that will help me forget that awful awful movie. :)

Jacko said...


The first movie was awful, however there are in fact 2 more movies that are simply brutal.