Sunday, June 29, 2014

10mm isnt too bad.


I had the pleasure if taking part in a 10mm ww2 game recently and as per usual I now find myself painting 10mm figures (I already had some stored away for a rainy day). My small forces will be based on the 4th Infantry Division at Utah beach alongside some elements of 82nd Airborne. I have 6mm ww2 for solo actions on the kitchen table, as well as incomplete 20mm WW2 (North Africa) so I made sure I didn't get too much.

My initial outing has been to paint a 105mm Howitzer Battery  (That I had for Vietnam) and the below is the result. As I have a load of FlamesofWar bases I am using them for vehicles and Im pretty happy with the results.

On top of that I have also assembled my Chinook ( A ready made one from Tomyc) for my Modern skirmish games (And the occasional Vietnam game)
The rest of my job list for this week is:

Take pics of the:
28mm WW2 Russians  and Germans to sell
28mm French Indian War to sell
28mm Victrix Napoloenic  British

Assemble 16 WSS Figures per night
Finish of 6mm ww2 forces for a small solo game


Monday, June 2, 2014


A week into the new house and I finally gotten a lot of the garage sorted. This also involved putting together some $20 steel shelves that will home a lot of my figures and bring some organisation to the madness.

All the boxes from the white shelves to the right of the picture are war gaming filled. The white shelf will house rules and books and another shelve unit will have other figures in.

So I intend to have small clear out - it's just the tedium of organising sales doesn't motivate me that well, and getting to the post office is a pain in the backside. However some things need to go (28mm French Indian wars and 28mm ww2 top of the list).

Next on my list will be some form of table (Some heating would also help as the garage was 5C this morning.) or some 3x2 boards that I can use indoor and of  course painting will need to resume too.