Monday, August 17, 2015

15mm Madness

I've been painting a plethora of 15mm figures as thanks to Colin for his hosting of our after work games. I must say 15mm are my favourite scale to paint to be honest - large enough for great detail and shading but small enough not to drive you insane on detail. Of course this won't stop me painting stupid amounts of 28mm but dreams are free of course.
The figure below is a result but unfortunately the matt varnish (Humbrol) seems to have faded some of the detail and made it quite shiny.

 So onwards to Hordes of Things and the such. I've been finishing my fantasy armies and they are all contained in one box now as I need to take them to Archduke Piccilos to talk 15mm Byzantines for wargames.

 Plus the occasional large battle Hordes of Things which I often lose as I am still getting used to quick kill and melee combat.

Don't worry about the big blue guy in the pic - he was naff all.

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e-rules said...

The plethora are much appreciated! Yeh I wondered about the shiny varnish - not a problem tho, if it bothers me I'll spray 'em matt again. You should post a pic of one of the generals you painted for me - they are lovely.