Thursday, August 20, 2015

28mm Napoleonic

I worked last night and only had about 4 hours sleep ! In my original post I got Dave and Chris completely mixed up.
Luckily a free afternoon appeared and Chris invited myself over for a game versus Rodger or Rebel Barracks and Mark of Chasseur. After Waterloo Chris wanted us to try General d Brigade Deluxe edition so I though it was worth a shot. Mark and I took the Russians while Chris and Rodger took the French.

All the figures were Chris and they are bloody nice !.

It was a small playtest game and I had a cold so I'm a bit hazy on the details apart from it was good fun and easy to grasp. Playing the game at the right size also helped.

Westfalians and the Young Guard.

The table.

The Russian Artillery blasting the columns

Mass cavalry on the flank

My Russian Line unit defending its ground with vigour.

The game took around 4 hours (Our 15mm games take all day so I guess we muck around a bit and have lunch)


Rodger said...

That was a very enjoyable game Paul! Great photos too, hopefully I will post my photos this weekend!

Chasseur said...

Yes good fun, big battalions certainly look great. Maybe I'll end up redoing mine this way!!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Magnificent armies. Those Russian hussars in the lead picture have got to be the best I've even seen, and in the face of some very fine competition (Mark's and your own not least!).

Jacko said...

Cheers !