Sunday, December 6, 2009

Napoleonic Scenario Game Dec 6th 2009

The Prussians head for the hills

Uhlands strike a French Square

The French surge onto the bridgehead

The Russian 3rd Division braces for the inevitable

French Dragoons strike the 2nd Silesian in Square

Ion and I fought a scenario out of the wargames scenarios book. The Scenario involved the French trying to break out of a bridgehead while the Allies (Prussian and Russians) tried to force the French back over the river.

I favoured my luck slightly and sent the Allied flanks into attack instantly however the 2 french 12pdrs on the banks soon had my wings in disarray. What progressed from there was an extremely blood thirsty slug fest that eventually saw the allies being defeated.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Producation Line

Global Recession ? what global recession.

I have recently got hold of some 25mm Old Glory Prussians and Russians to complete my Allied Force (British\Prussian\Russians) so that should keep me going for a while.

Also I have been painting some Indian War figures, some 15mm Spanish\French and soon some 1/300 Spanish.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Gaming

Top Right-The view down the Austrian Line - Ion's fantastic Minifig Austrians.
Top Left- My Force Advances
Bottom Left- The 24th Chasseurs and Westfalian Lancers are unleashed
Bottom Right-Austrian troops move to support thier comrades
Some more games with Ion in Jan. The scenario was from the WRG Scenarios book and involved the French catching an attacking Austrian force halfway across a river. I took a big chance in concentrating everything on one bank as I wanted to see how I could handle a massive force in a compact front and also see how massed french columns would fare in assault.

Right : My final move - throwing massed columns into the mix while the Dragoons hit an austrian line.

Casualties were heavy (despite the fact an Austrian 12 pounder couldn't hit a barn door at grapeshot range over serveral turns) and I made some horrible mistakes in my setup.

My Westfalian lancers also rode to infamy by attacking an austrian square - needing 5's to hit and I rolled 3 sixes.