Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scenarios for wargamers

Been doing some great painting and some great war gaming with Ion and James. Ion very kindly lets us game at his place due to the lack of time at weekends.
Last night Ion and I played a Breakout scenario from Scenario's for war gamers - it involves an Austrian raiding force trying to get out of a territory while the locals (German Allies) rally all troops to get some retribution.

Top - 24eme Chassuer arrive on the scene and survey the action - the next turn they charge the Austrian line who stayed in line and survived.......just. (some awful dice from me)
Bottom Left- The total view - Germans on all four flanks. The bulk of my force is stuck behind the bridge (river unfordable)
Bottom Right- The Westphalians take the river bank.

The game ended with an Austrian Victory as they managed to get most of their force away though I gave several units a good pasting.