Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures from last post.

Neopolitan Lancers and French Lancers (Half done) - TTG figures. Below are the 6th Hussars and 23rd Dragoons which are also TTG\BL. the figures are very chunky and casting can be crude but its good practice for when I get to my AB figures.

Below is the painted officer of the Italian Royal Guard and beside him an unpainted figure (as well as a Perry Hussar). The Perry Dragoon figure was such a joy to paint, everything went well and the figures, being plastic are so light. I have a box of Dragoons, Hussars,Line and Highlanders and it feels like its empty compared to the same size box of leads that weights a tonne.
Above - the Officer on his own. Some touchups needed and the horse needs finishing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th

No pics as of yet -My painting usually occurs between 8.30pm and 11pm and at the end of a night I'm too lazy to then sort out a shooting area and then upload them to the camera etc. I will do it with the finished figures but not with half painted

Currently I am finishing the Russian Finland Dragoon Regiment, Prussian Landwher Cav, some Generals and another Prussian gun crew for a game that is being planned in a few weeks time. At the moment for the cavalry I'm painting the riders only and will then do the horses en-masse with some ink washes and a spray can (Somehting I picked up off ( The Russian Dragoons are Old Glory and I realised half way through that I had made a booboo in the order in that my troopers are 1804 helmet but the Officers are 1812 helmet. Gosh darn it ! But its my own fault.

This weekend I plan to rebase my existing Allied Infantry units onto double bases (as currently 24 single based figures causes some issues) and then also have them boxed properly. I have also painted two new standard bearers (one Russian Count Astabsky  Grenadier and one Prussian 16th Infantry) as my existing standards are for the wrong units.

My first  Perry Dragoon is almost done and man does he look fantastic. I only started one figure as I couldn't resist it and hopefully soon I can finish the rest of his unit, the Italian Garde Dragoons and the rest of the plastics (Neopolitan Infantry, Belgian Infantry, Highlanders and a Perry Hussar unit (yet to be decided)

Also progressing is my 15mm force - . So far I am 25% of the way through the III Cavalry Corps of the Grande Armee and I think in total I have enough figures for 2 Corps and 1 cav Corps. I have decided to base my figures for AoE as i)I have the rules and ii) They suit what I want to do as I wish to do refights but not blow and arm and a leg on figures and iii)The base size matches (near enough) some other rulesets. I took part in the Christchurch Napoleonic refights in the 90's and they were great fun and its something I plan to get into again even if its for a one off demo game.
I like 15mm but as I have substantial 28mm armies I dont really have the desire to have 15mm armies made of millions of figures (eg : 20+ infantry to a battalion) so I quite like the smaller unit representations (eg 24th Dragoons is 3 bases of 2 figures each ) - it also allows me to play larger scale games than encounter actions my 28mm armies get (Limited to Table size not figures)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Night Basing

So I pulled out my Allied cavalry as it occurred to me I only had 1 unit painted (The last game I sneakily substituted some Westphalian\French Cav). So I started the simple task of glueing them to cardboard and I guess I got a little carried away as I have done;

12 Russian Cuirrassiers, 18 Russian Dragoons,16 Prussian Uhlans, 12 Prussian Dragoons,20 Prussian Artillery Crew, 8 Russian Horse Artillery,30Prussian  Landwher,30 Prussian Reserves,20 Prussian Line and 6 Prussian Mounted Generals. So lots of Blue to paint !

And remaining to base\paint are
50 Pavlov Grens,30 Russian Musketeers(Bicorne), 20 Russian Line, 20 Grenadiers,16 Russian Jager,140 British, 12 KGL Hussars, 20 Austrians,36 French Cav and 40 French Infantry (YESH).

Where did all these figures come from ?

Ive also picked up a ready made DBA army - Ancient Britons.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Musings

I finally got the camera out after some painting. I've been doing a good 1.5 hours a night most nights and I have to say I'm enjoying it. I'm painting a mix of figures as I have found that I just bump from project to project and never finish anything, so if I mix three projects at once I can then progress each one. There is a method to my madness you know :).

Below are the 95% finished Voltigeur Company of the 4th Neopolitan Infantry. A few touch ups are needed here and there (the faces and some other areas) - I also did the command elements (not pictured) and I need to glue a new standard on the Eagle. I really like the uniforms - the mix of colours appeal to me and the Victrix figures are great.
Next in line are the Grenadiers and a standard inf company. They should look quite snappy with the mix of white and red.

95% finished Pavlov Grenadiers (and a dead frenchman). Again some slight touchups needed (and a standard !) but they look quite good for my ability. The drum needs some work though as I never have a clue what the drums are supposed to look like. I have a tonne of casualty figures that Im also doing as though to add some flavour or even make some larger bases for my generals.

Russian Cuirrassiers (Old Glory) - I started these three a while back and I cant even remember what unit they are supposed to be. So start again ! Have only worked on the white uniform and face basecoast so far as am working over old painting. My notes are all on my work PC so will need to reorganise and get things noted everywhere (with the figures might help !)

And some more 15mm French\Naples types. These are TTG\Battleline figures that I picked up yonks ago -some gnomish characters but what the hell - Ill paint them anyway. Left to right - Neopolitan Chevaux-Leger,Line Lancers (Unit number to come) and some Dragoons (unnumbered as well)

And finally the beginning of Princess Arabella's Army, not sure what this uit is as I have to make the history of this imagination nation. I vaguely recall the lads in green are Irish mercenaries while the Red coated fellows are the Foot artillery. Again these were half painted figures I started working on again. hopefully the next lot are more detailed and crisp. im going to have fun developing this "nation" and I have even been making flags.

And even better news is that I now have some Perry Dragoons and Hussars :). Some more Neopolitan\Italian dandies are going to be shown off.