Sunday, May 4, 2014

Off to Fiji


I'm being sent to Fiji for a weeks work - sounds great doesn't it.

Now you'll be thinking is going to be all about

But it really going to be all about, 5 days of it in Nadi (Right next to the airport)

Now from my trip to Brisbane I know its going to be too hot to paint anything so I'm looking into some things to take with me. I suspect it might be some cardboard units, dice and rules to playtest or otherwise get some solo campaign background going while sitting on my balcony having a Fiji beer in Nadi.

I managed to sneak away on Saturday and play a small part in a Napoleonic action San Antonio  at short notice. an entertaining game, I managed to play my part of a confused junior officer quite well as at times I had no idea what our CinC had planned. I was in charge of the British cavalry and we marched around quite a lot in some bad terrain and that was pretty much it. A long range cannon ball killed my general in the first turn and from there it got a little hard. But it was extremely entertaining game and we were well looked after by the host Colin.