Sunday, March 20, 2016



I have actually spent some time having spare time !.  I decided to  get back into painting to actually have a break from things and I am going quite well  so far. I have not played a game in since Christmas but so far I have painted around 60 28mm figures but I have been lazy and not taken any photos.

Currently on my list are

  • 28mm WSS Figures
  • 28mm Napoleonic Prussians
  • 1/72 ACW
  • 28mm Mantic Elves

 In my free time I have also been increasing my numbers of home cast Prince August figures for my small Dutch army. On the leap day they had a 50% of Sale so I purchased some of their new British Dragoons which don't look too bad. I need to make an appointment with the Archduke so we can test cast some figures. These are new moulds (the previous ones were pretty brutal) so I can see tonight how they come out.

Hopefully once my Prussian army is sorted out I can move onto the Russians and have my two allied armies 100% completed.I have not touched on the other 15 or so "projects" that litter my storage room. However tomorrow I am playing Advanced Squad Leader which should get a taste for some games in.