Monday, April 17, 2017

1/72 progresses

As my foray into the Roman world continues I decided a trip to the Fortress of Knowledge was in order. While the box art on the Romans is good, I have no idea what other troop types should look like so I managed to find this, which is very good for a beginner such as myself.

As per usual, I also left with several science pieces and astrophysics for a little light reading.

The next question will be rules, as these figures are all for skirmish type games finding a good set (out of the sets I have) is the next task.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

1/72 Ancients and new books

Motivation has been low recently, and I have even contemplated getting rid of most of the things I have apart from a few genres (I have started this process already)

I was in Sydney and managed to visit Hobbyrama where I found some kits that I picked up.

There are are few boxes of Emhar Viking Warriors

A box of Zvedza Turkish Cavalry

And I also took advantage of the Acorn model sales to pick up 4 boxes of:

These will be part of my 1/72 Skirmish\battle system based on some beer and pretzel type rules.  The Imperial Romans don't fit in that well period wise but Ive always wanted a 1/72 Roman army.

Archduke Piccillo kindly gave me some Mongols which are fitting in quite nicely.

As it was my birthday last week (Which I spent ill in bed) my present from the family was a copy of Tony Bath's "Ancient War-gaming" which is a good book but also includes "Setting Up a Wargames Campaigns" which I already have

And Lionel Tarrs Modern (1939-1945) Wargaming Rules