Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Second Hand Books

I have hit a patch of lethargy, where I cannot be bothered doing any painting. Busy at work, home and general life leaves my fairly tired at the end of the day.

 During this time I did manage to pick up some second-hand books from an estate sale. A collection of Wargaming Books - one in particular "The War Game" was worth the purchase alone. others are a mix of useful books (I now have two copies of "Napoleonic Wargaming" though)

 And a collection of Uniform Books which are very interesting, one of which has the old "plates" in it from drawings. 

So some useful resources. One of the books is in French and has some excellent 70's style drawing in it of Uniforms from 1700 - 1970). I also received some 20mm Italian ww2 support weapons in the post so I suspect this will finally get me off my backside.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Desert War Progress

Full steam ahead on the Desert War Italian and British Armour. All that is required now is to paint the bases and flock them in a desert style mix of sand and light colours.

Stuarts,A-tanks and Portee are Frontline War gaming 20mm, Matilda is matchbox I recall(20 years old at least), Crusaders are Airfix or matchbox (20 years at least), Valentines are PSC and CV33's are S-Model.

 Below all the axis infantry is on the paint tray ready for basing. (While I did not need D.A.K I did them anyway (3 Battalions Worth)). The stands in green are my original Esci figures from 1994 😁.

 The Blackshirt stands for some of the better quality Italian units. (Caesar figures of which I have another box to complete)

 The Italeri Italian 120mm Howitzer, this thing is massive.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start basing them and get them done and then move onto finishing the DAK and British.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Channel Islands Invasion

Being an avid WW2 gamer (well actually playing seems to be a mission) I have always wanted to have some solo actions of  a larger campaign. The Channel Islands always took my interest as they are both small, and allow for European forces to battle it out in small scale.

I was lucky enough to visit the Channel islands almost twenty years ago for work when an unnamed
pension fund was looking into Tax Havens.I also grew up with Thomas the Tank Engine so after finding some interesting maps of Sodor I have been tempted to combine the two together and make it a new channel island.

I would at some stage like to have some type of Invasion campaign using this map as it is filled with objectives (mines, ports, airfields etc) however I shall start off by simply getting use to smaller actions solo  (Small Commando raids, patrol actions) so that I can get used to the FightYourOwnbattle Mechanics and also streamline what I want to achieve.