Sunday, May 3, 2015

Waterloo practice games.

On the weekend of June 21st I will be taking part in a Waterloo refight using general de brigade. So my vast french forces are under rennovation and rebasing in order to get them ready.

I shall be Reille's corps and I have enough figures (1000 I think) for the entire Corps plus some brigades of cavalry. It shall be a spectacle indeed and I am looking forward to seeing my vast legions march forward.

The nightly sorting and painting of Minifigs, Hinchcliffe and Redoubt getting ready for the big day.

As such we need some practice games so yesterday Chasseur and Archduke Piccillo and myself visited the club to get used to the rules. The game was a small British force under attack from a slight larger French contingent. The starting view from the Westphalian lines below.

 I wanted to see how french columns fared against British line and artillery -  So straight up the guts at was......drums beating, flags waving in the wind.

The artillery decimated one column but the other two pressed on into the guns, forcing the gunners to flee. A satsifying result !

On the left flank Marks French Columns surged forward towards to 69th Foot.

Countless times the steady volley fire of the 69th forced back the French columns. Over a series of turns they forced the French back until they finally retired.

The right flank cavalry finally see off the British mounted contingent and secure the day.

 The Chasseurs no doubt about to warm up on the pursuit of the british.

The result a french Victory but a good try out of the rules. Hopefully another practice game will take places I want to test some of the finer mechanics of the rules to get ready for charge at the British lines.

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