Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More 25mm French


Work and a family illness have meant my time has been spent in other places or my mind at least. I've been working a lot recently in my spare time plus I was in Melbourne so I spent a night painting figures last night and I am all the better for it.

More work on my French for Waterloo. I need to do another 4 or 5 units in 6 weeks.

 I also picked up some HAT 28mm Light infantry to bolster my forces for Waterloo.

 They are tall but slender figures - they match Hinchliffe well for size but not Front Rank. I have started painting a test figure - he is half done currently. They will make excellent Light troops for Waterloo !

Several great Hobby shops in Melbourne stacked with loads of figures that are hard to get here in NZ. Was a great experience !


Archduke Piccolo said...

Those 28mm HaT figures sound like a reasonable match for my Minifigs. Sort of...

paulalba said...

Nice painting Jacko

Chasseur said...

Good job, keep it up, busy myself on loads of Line.