Sunday, May 17, 2015

28mm HAT Nassau Troops


My painting continues for the Waterloo refight. Unfortunately a sudden family illness had me at the hospital a fair bit last week and then for the past few days staying away from home looking after a family member.  One thing I did manage to sneak into my away kit was a tonne of soldiers and paint  !

Apart from household duties of cooking\cleaning\entertaining visitors I did manage some time to paint and it was quite relaxing. I have painted another 78 French infantry and also started a test figure for the Nassau Regiment I am providing for the allies. Recently I picked up a few boxes of HAT 28mm figures and they are quite dandy little things so I am going to use the French Voltigiers for the Allied Nassau troops who wore the French uniforms.

Below is the first test figure - Easy to paint and I am really happy with the output. They are going to look splendid ! As the uniform is made up of very simple colours it was a breeze to paint and I am looking forward to the rest - the same with the Legere. Things get complicated for the rest of the french of course - white breeches, coats, lapels, lace, shako cords etc etc  so its nice to have a simple uniform to take care of.

Hopefully by the end of this week that will be the French Infantry completed and I can base them up and get some decent photos.

Still left to do is:

1 British Foot, a tonne of French Artillery and some generals.


Chasseur said...

Great looking piece! Hope the family issues settle.

Archduke Piccolo said...

The Nassauers don't look to bad, eh? I gather they performed pretty well at Waterloo, and all...