Sunday, May 24, 2015

Prince August

So on Saturday I had some free time to try the Prince August 25mm moulds and try different types of metals. The kitchen oven was used for this process and it worked a treat though I need a better work area as I made quite a mess.

I have two Molds - British Infantry and Belgian Chasseurs.

Below are the first run  - one mold held by clamps, the other rubber bands (To see if they work). My first problems is judging how much to pour as I did too much the first few times.

Safety equipment - I need new gloves though and should probably not be doing it all next to the toaster.
The first castings I have ever done - I was really happy ! The dude on the right got melted down as his musket was poorly formed.
I tried a few more and they were bad so I simply tested various things I need to do to get a good figure. A good temperature, a better and faster pour.

Below the Dutch\Belgians
The British.

Overall I enjoyed it - the figures are never going to win any beauty contests but to chuck out a few units I will use them.  I saw Basil's figures yesterday at the CWC and they paint up well so these will complete my allied armies.


Rodger said...

They are a great way to increase your forces relatively cheaply!

Archduke Piccolo said...

They don't look too bad at all, Paul - and they will have a lot of character. OIncidentally, I recall that Rodger's Napoleonics of 20-odd years ago were home castings...

Jacko said...

I think Rodger gave me some back in the day and I still actually have them (or some of them at least)

Ill have to drag them out for a photo.

paulalba said...

Good fun!