Monday, May 11, 2015

To Guard or Not To Guard ?

The Christchurch Wargaming Club is hosting the Waterloo refight on June 20th and as such I am providing Reille's Corps and some parts of Kellerman's cavalry. This amounts to something in the order of 1000 figures which I am busily sorting out. Afterwards I am tempted to sell someone of so I will how that goes but the problem is I am quite attached to some of them - oh well I can sell them when I'm older !

Only one of these is an Imperial Guard unit - a minifig Foot Chasseur unit of 24 figures. I was never going to include the Guard at all but there is that feeling deep down that I should at least have a few.

So at some stage in the next while I will try and pick up 24 Grenadiers, 24 Middle Guard, 2 guns and most likely 12 Chasseurs a Cheval. Victrix look like good candidates currently as their Middle Guard is due soon.

I have also taken the plunge and ordered two of the latest Prince August moulds for Waterloo British infantry and Nassu troops. I have always wanted to try casting my own figures so now I will get the chance. The newer moulds are more detailed I guess but this project is more to satisfy my own experiment than get some finely detailed troops. I'll get some model quality metal to try out and then look at melting my odds and sods bucket.

The odds and sods bucket is made up of the following:
  • Broken front rank from the earthquake ((maybe 10 or 12)
  • 25 Minifigs limber horses (Why did I buy these again ?)
  • 15mm TTG Napoleonic figures .
Of course I will be testing the metal melting process first and not mixing makes of figures as the metal content will differ I'm sure.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I never intended to have Guard units myself, but I recall getting a mixed bag of Guard figures from you that I also did up as Chasseurs of the Old Guard (mainly because I figured everyone did the grenadiers). Some time later I bought 2nd hand a whole bunch of figures that I think were done as Danish. I repainted some as line infantry, but I had heaps with plumes. So they became a composite unit of fusilier-grenadiers and fusilier-chasseurs of the Middle Guard, and a unit of tirailleur-grenadiers with a voltigeur company of the Young Guard.

For my BB4ST rule set (that project is still alive) these 3 units form my whole Guard Corps - Old, Middle and Young. Now I just need a couple of cavalry units - light (probably Guard chasseurs) and heavy (carabiniers, or maybe horse grenadiers, say). Then my Imperial Guard will be complete...

Michael Peterson said...

I have some Guard units in the large 6mm collection I bought second hand. I don't ise them much but I'm glad I have them. The points system in Sam Mustafa's Blucher rules puts some sensible limits on the use of the Guard.

Jacko said...


I have some in 15mm but for 25mm I need some. I hope to play some more Napoleonic 25mm games in the future so I think I should really get some, or thats what I tell myself anyway. Cheers

Chasseur said...

I also never intended to have guard, but then I realised just how many battles you need them, and they were actually quite numerous. Also French players in Chch are remarkably restrained to the extent that we don't actually have enough Guard for refights!! Doesn't fit the stereotype of Napoleonic players having vast numbers of Guard and not enough line.

e-rules said...

I'm intrigued - what are the TTG figures like? They must be truly awful if all you can do with them is melt them down!

Jacko said...

TTG are an odd brand.

The Spanish are the ones I have and are pretty good. The rest are bad, I'll show you some this week. I have a load of them I gave to Barry who then gave them back ha ha.