Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bad photos, birds and cats.

In my new found enthusiasm for taking photos I have unfortunately forgotten a simple rule of the whole process - using the focus ! So alas a raft of images are now ruined due to my forgetfullness but I have learned my lesson.

The closest thing to a photo is below with another 2 French line units ready to be based. and the Tri-colour placed on. My Waterloo progress is full on as per usual - only 3 more units to complete and then finish off the artillery and generals and that is the figures all done. Then it will be a week of basing and the whole French Army is complete.

So far this year I have:
Repainted -  60 odd old figures.
Painted from new  - 300 or so French.

Never again ! ..............well not until the Prussians\Russians.

The only photos that turned out any good were non wargame related.
Bird on a roof (yet to be identified)

 Cat in a box.

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