Thursday, June 11, 2015

1st Foot and the UK

For the Waterloo re-fight I am providing 3 Allied units as well as Prussians and the French horde. The 1st, 33rd Foot and a Nassau contingent and for the 1st Foot I dragged out my Front Rank originals (purchased in 1994 I think) that were sitting in a box needing some attention. Below are the results - I have not painted British in a very long time !

I've also noticed I forgot a few things back in the day so will tidy them up before basing.I am behind on my Waterloo stuff due to a cold and being away (again). I am just finishing the last french and artillery then I need to spend all week basing something like 500 figures - EEK !

Luckily in October and November I have scored a work trip back to the UK and will take a holiday before hand to pop over to Dublin to see my family and then the Essex massif. A potential side trip to Wolverhampton has also be sounded for a few nice pints and catch up with friends. So very exciting news and has made my year - I guess working like a dog does pay off sometimes !

So given this opportunity I will need to plan getting some figures\wargames supplies while I am there - Take advantage of some postage free deals within the UK or have the cheek to turn up at actual war game suppliers shops (Which could prove to be financial suicide).

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