Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 recap and 2015 plans

Happy New Year,

Well upon checking my 2014 goals I didn't actually finish anything I wanted to but I am close on two of them. However I did manage to play in around 8 games versus other people as well as play a lot of solo games. I'm quite lucky these days I have a good group of people to play against which makes the games all that more enjoyable. A few other projects snuck into my list that were completed (and gamed with ) so its good to finally get some use of some things. (These were 10mm WW2, some more 15mm Fantasy armies)

 I am about to finish rebasing my Napoleonic "French" and just have to finish off the infantry late next week (I'm in Auckland at the moment) then I plan to finally finish my final french units as well as rebase my Prussians, Russians and that sole Austrian unit. Then next week (I think !) Mark and I are going to give Lasalle a shot. I has been noted though that all my forces (Allied and Confederation of the Rhine) don't fit any army list Lasalle has so some shuffling of things has occurred in my lists.

My 6mm armies are flying along quite well and last week I played a game of Piquet Napoleonics with them solo. I managed to get most of the rules wrong but that's what play test games are for.

So whats for 2015 ? More painting and more gaming frankly - I'd like to get the Napoleonics sorted and also make a good start to the 28mm WSS armies. I also plan to get some solo campaigns going to generate some games which is why I have also picked up a 3x2 mdf board to replace my green felt mat (That looks simply awful). I have the terrain and I now have a little board - onwards and upwards .
 Finally on the list are some 15mm forces for solo games - either Vikings, Zombies or AWI.

I also plan to count the figures I paint for a year to see what it all stacks up to:


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Chasseur said...

Sounds good Paul, will see you next week! Various rumblings on Waterloo seem likely to draw out more Napoleonic players in Chch given the anniversary year too.