Friday, January 30, 2015


My camera issue could be about to be solved as a result of a  positive turn of events personally,  as I am now General Manager at work.. This position will take a lot more hours and responsibility and painting time will suffer so I need to PAINT PAINT PAINT like crazy until it really kicks in.  As I now also get a state of the art mobile phone :) I'm going to ensure it has a state of the art camera and viola ! all my problems are solved.
On the 15th of January I said I would paint the following figures and aim to have it completed in 2-3 weeks. Rather ambitious as I had several nights off but I have made stead progress over the last 11 or so days.

  • 96 Hinchcliffe Saxons(Reg du Roi, Reg Von Low, Reg Prince Max, Reg Prince Auguste)
    • 14 Perry French Hussars (10th Hussars)
    • 24 Minifig French Legere (8th Legere Regiment)
    • 24 Hotspur French Line. (84th Line Regiment)
    • 24 1/72 Confederate Cavalry
    • 15 or so 28mm casualties.
 The results:

  1. 72 Hinchcliffe figures are re-painted\touched up  (24 yet to be based as I ran out of bases and replacements are due) and only have to have the standards attached. One lot of 24 figures left to do.
  2. 24 Minifig French Legere (8th Legere Regiment) and 24 Hotspur French Line. (84th Line Regiment) have undergone their base coats and tonight will hopefully see them almost completed.
  3. I have painted the horses of the 12 1/72 confederate cavalry for some variety to painting and I hope to have these done in time.
  4. Some 15mm British Foot artillery have snuck into the list too and are half done.
And some tinkering with my 1/72 Confederates which will most likely be my next project (after the project in between of course) or I'll give my 1/72 SYW figures a finish. After toiling with 25/28mm figures I like to get stuck onto 1/72 as they are so easy to paint (being so small).


Archduke Piccolo said...

Congratulations, Paul - well done! And you made GM too: a fine beginning to the New Year! :-)

Rodger said...

Well done Paul, on all counts!!

Chasseur said...

Congratulations Paul! Hope you'll still have time for gaming and painting!! :)

Jacko said...

Thanks everyone !