Sunday, January 11, 2015

Camera woes


I've been up to a great deal recently but my camera is finally about to die so I cannot get any decent pictures of any progress.I have a game against Mark tomorrow so I have re-based and repainted under -half of my "French" Napoleonic forces. Over the holiday period my schedule suffered greatly as my daughter was staying up (or trying her best to) late at night, and the cat recently has been very clingy. One thing about deaf cats is that they can be incredibly loud when they want to be as they have no volume control (imagine the following

I repainted several units before Christmas (Earthquake damaged) and then have spent the last 4 days basing using Marks Technique as my units are dreadfully inconsistent (That's what happens as units are acquired over 20 years). I'm quite pleased with the results so they shall look good on the table - 240 figures all up from a range of manufacturers but I left the cavalry off most of the list.

I plan to complete the refurbishment of the other 15 Infantry, 8 cavalry in the near future and then move onto the Prussian and Russian forces (Quite small compared to the French).

French\Con. of Rhine.
  • 3 Dragoons Regiments
  • 2 Lancer Regiments
  • 1 Hussar Regiment
  • 1 Chasseur
  • 15 Infantry Units.

  • 7 Prussian Regiments
  • 3 Prussian cavalry
  • 7 Russian Regiments
  • 2 Cavalry Regiments
  • 4 British Infantry
  • 2 British Cavalry - Guns et all.

It takes me 3 days to completely repaint 24 28mm figures and 3 Days to base 10 Regiments. I plan to repaint\paint a at least a unit a week and then base them in large groups every 4 weeks or so.

As well as to other little projects on the go and fit some solo games in. Quite annoying the camera is kaput as I want to actually take some photos - oh well her is one from an old campaign game back in 2011 - the Spanish armies victory at Azuel 1809.


Rodger said...

Repaint in 3 days! You need to sleep at some point! I am sure they will look fantastic, Mark's basing method is great!

paulalba said...

Sounds like a great amount of stuff

Jacko said...

Thanks. It was a lot but it needed to be done, its only the tip of the iceberg but I need to get some 28mm games going as there is nothing like a 28mm Napoleonic game ! Cheers

Ken said...

Get that camera fixed soon!