Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lasalle play test

Last evening Mark hosted our test game of Lasalle. All the gory details are on his Blog but I stole some of the pictures from his blog. A crushing defeat for my forces and some terrible dice rolling but lots of fun.

All his figures are wonderfully painted and are an excellent example of colourful and  bright Napoleonics. He has been bitten by the bug we all know well with unpainted figures coming out of his ears !

The beginning.

Westphalian Grenadiers about to runaway and the Heavy battery about to prepare to grapeshot the moon and not the unit 10 yards away.

Westphalian Brigade about to run away as well.( Don't mind the 8th Neapolitan Infantry pretending to be Westphalians)

The Swiss hoping that the Croatians get hit first :).

I sent in my French allies and decided to take no cavalry. The large Austrian battalions were hard to deal with in all regards and I'm not sure how the melee resolution sits. I had a brief look on-line and a lot of comments are that the large battalions are too powerful in all regards. But tactics really weren't that important as I just wanted to get stuck in and see what happened.

If you are defending and lose by double the number of hits your units breaks but the attackers takes no casualties so the attacker simply rolls on. I guess I'm used to too many rule sets that both sides take casualties in melee so the attacker doesnt get a free hit.

But its always good to play Napoleonic's and have a quick game. This game took around 4 hours and we spent a lot of time buried in the rules but we picked things up very fast future games would be over quickly. The usual rule mistakes for new players but it was fun and fast - next time Lancers !


Rodger said...

Great looking game Paul! Time for new dice I think!

Archduke Piccolo said...

The enjoyment of the game is a plus, whatever the result. Lack of cavalry in a largish action might be a fatal deficiency, but I guess it is too early to call on the basis of this one game. The pics looked pretty good, though.

Ken said...

Great looking game - I have the rules but have never played a game.

Jacko said...


Yes, when you roll 11 dice when all you need it 4+ but you get a single 4 its a sign things are going wrong. I honestly think its my blue dice.

I didn't have the cavalry ready so I left them out. Lasalle has set unit sizes and of course my army does not match anything listed so I would have to tinker


Chasseur said...

Cheers Paul! Doing a bit of googling I've only found one bloke grumbling about large units thus far(?), but plenty of grumbling about the power of attack columns relative to lines, which seem to be house ruled quite commonly. Might be worth considering. You were also outnumbered in this game of course due to me being the attacker. I'd have had two less large units if it was a straight up fight, which no doubt would have been far more manageable for you :)