Tuesday, December 9, 2014

15mm Hordes of Things

Last night I visited Colin's for an evening of Hordes of Things in the true scale of war-gaming,  15mm !. Well its the true scale as we both have tonnes of armies so we might aswell use them.

 I have only ever played HOT 4 years ago so it was good to get back into it. I broight along my Goblins and Colin played with Goblins and Ratmen.

We had 4 games I recall - I got slaughtered in 3 as most new players are but I won 1 game due to a vast amount of luck and some tough troops performing at the right time. Experimenting with different troops types was a good learning curve so hopefully we can have some more games in the future.

Very enjoyable to get back into it and I am now finishing the big pointy things for my other armies.


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Chasseur said...

Yep it's a great system :)