Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The New Dawn Of my Painting

Well maybe thats an overstatement :). With my rather large backpile of ead 25mm Natpoleonics and 28mm Plastics (perry and Victrix) and given my large French I thought in future I will try and paint my figures in the nest possible manner. My existing figures are OK but since I have gotten back into the hobby (2005) my painting style has gradually evolved into shading etc etc.

When trying to decide the best way to paint my Italians (using Victrix French) on the Victrix website I stumbled upon this walkthrough.

So I have decided to follow that walkthrough at least for a couple of units so as I can see what the main differences are (well for one I have never painted eyes :( ). SO the next photo is a very bad one but this is the start of the process. Figures have been undercoated black and the base shades painted on the face (and even eyes - THEY EYES THE EYES!!!) - the standard bearer and officer were from my old style but luckily were only half finished.

So I will be painting a 24 Figure Neopolitan Line Regiment, a Prussian Gun crew, Blucher and some Victrix Highlanders to see how they turn out.

----------I have also done an audit of unnpaited figures and I have roughly the followiing:
25mm Prussians - 24 Dragoons,24 Lancers, 60 Landwhere and 60 odd Line
25mm Russians - 40 Line, 12 dragoons,12 Cuirrassier
25mm French - 60 Victrix Line, 14 Perry Hussars, 14 Perry Dragoons
25mm British - 60 Belgians, 60 Line, 12 Hussars
15mm SPanish - millions
15mm French - heaps
1/72 ACW - most of my army is complete but I have 4 Cavalry Regiments to finish as well as 7 Infantry
20mm Brits (Resin Tanks\trucks infantry) a lot
20mm Germans - same as above.

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