Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The starting 8 Neopolitans, 8 Pavlov Guard and 2 french casualty figures (for the lulz) are coming along very nicely. They only have the straps and some tidy up to do and then I can move onto finishing the Neopolitans and then the Pavlovs. The Voltiguer company really really stand out - white uniform, pink facings and yellow\green plumes - they look like Liquorice allsorts :). but I am very pleased (pics to come tomorrow).

And I have undertaken the final task for my 15mm ( as in painting them). The Spanish 15mm army started in 1997 with TTG figures (now battleline) and those Spanish figures are actually very very good. I also have Essex and some other ranges and they are all equally comparable. Today I based (for painting) 100 odd spanish (Line,Guard,Militia,Dragoons, Guns) and hopefully they will join the other 200 odd I have. Then the next problem will be the rules but until they are painted they wont be based. Hopefully the local RSA gamer secene get the 15mms going. I dont know how many iterations and rulesets this army has been designed for but each change has meant getting more figures (I'm a sucker for planning in advance)

My french however are a real "bastard" lot. They are the spawning of winning numerous EBAY and Trademe auctions and consist of Old Glory, Essex, Minifigs,lancashiregames,TTG\BL,AB and god knows what else. A wired mix of figures but I plan to try and get all the figure types into Division\Corps so that at least together they look uniform. While the TTG\BL figures are gnomish I actually dont mind them too much when they are all together. but when its mix amd match it looks like a freak show has come to 1812.

Below is a very old pic (2 years old) of the first 15mm Spanish I painted in 1997 for Shako. They are TTG\BattleLine figures and they match most other manufacturers that I have. Of course in 1997 the internet was a newish thing and Research on Spanish uniforms was on existant so the uniforms are a bit of a mess.

But I digress - this only starts when my Neopolitans are finished (and maybe the 92nd Foot, possibly the Russian Cuirrassiers and Dragoons, some more Prussian Militia and maybe even some Uhlans)


Archduke Piccolo said...

How do you get such clear close-ups, Paul? I can't seem to manage it.

It's almost a pity I don't do 15mm... Still: looking forward to seeing your 25mm stuff completed. I'd better get stuck into mine...

Jacko said...

I simply take enough photos until I can get one. My digitial camera is good but takes a while to get a good shot on the different settings - I do have an SLR but that would require getting films developed boo hoo.