Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its a nice sunny day, the baby just went to sleep and I ahve attempted to take some pictures from figures that are sitting on my WIP tray (which is quite a mess at the moment).

To the left are some 15mm Westphalian Horse Atrillery. Some creative licence was used in painting them but I have to say they are the best 15mm figures I have ever painted (I beleive the are Minifigs). My 15mm painted figures are slowly forming.

Above - More 15mm Minifigs,  this unit is the Westphalian Guard Grenadiers. It isnt the full unit but as I'm undecided on rules at the moment this will no doubt change.

Below are my 25mm Prussian Artillery (Old Glory) painted using the artmaster studio guide. They aren't finished yet but I think they look good. My job on the eyes needs tidying up though as some of them look like goldfish. Facings, buttons and final trim to go.

Two of the Militia command. base layers are done and I now need to finish off the facings etc. These will probably be from Neumark Militia troops. The figures are Old Glory.

Some 28mm Highlanders. The three on the left are some half painted Foundry Officers while the drummer on the right is one from my Victrix Packet. Ill combine the figures as the look the same. But Im not looking forward to painting the tartan as I haven't done that in 20 years. They shall be the 92nd and I will have enough for a second unit but Im unsure which Regiment to use.

2 Plastic Perry Rifleman next to two "practice" 5th Italian Line infantry (foundry). I painted up a few just to see how they looked. The two line are foundry figures that I bought off ebay a long long time ago. I received the Riflemen with a copy of WI that I subscribed to a year ago. I quite like the white and green of the Italians and the Rifle figures were nice to paint but alas I dont have any more.

 A foundry(I think) sapper and a unknown Austrian Officer (maybe Elite miniatures). I will create an Austrian Unit but I need to remember which one I planned. For so long I have played Ion's Austrians that I never ever considered an Austrian Army (Yes I started with the standard Brit and French) The Sapper will join my Italians I think.

Some more old Glory 69th Foot (British). I already have the 33rd done, I just now need to finish this unit. I always paint the officers first to see how they look.

My Victrix French who will become the 7th Italian Line Regt. Very nice figures and fun to put together, however the bases they come on are the wierdest shapes and never fit "my" bases. So some pruning is needed but its plastic so its all so easy :).

The 6th Neopolitans are started. These were the figs from my previous post. The were undercoated in black and then the faces and muskets painted (The officer is just to show the base colour). Hopefully they will look good and I can't wait to use them. You might tell from now my French Allied army is soleyl based on who had the most flamboyant uniforms !

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Archduke Piccolo said...

I haven't visited your site for a good while, Paul - but it's great to see you have revived it! We really will have to fight the 'Battle of Grosshuntersdorf' soon...
:) Like the look of your figures...