Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Shenangins

Huzzah - I enter my 34th year and 21st year of wargaming !.

I don't have any pics currently but I have been working on a few od products aswell as getting addicted to Star Wars PC games.


The Imaginations campaign came to a stuttering halt when several players "had a paddy" and we lost half the players. However a burst of recruiting and some adjustments to the rules have seen a resurgence in the game and all is happy. My country, Rio is in the north and is central in the "NE Alliance" and is currently tryimg to bring peace through diplomacy in Falken (as well as plan some devious events). Is still quite good fun and it looking to be a lively affair.


Am am currently putting together several packs of victrix French\Brits|Scot. I ahve to say they are looking good (pics to come). The French will become Italians, the Scots will become (shock horror) Scot and the British will become Dutch\Belgian. I have always wanted some dutch and I now have the chance !.

In my leads - I bought myself some more Prussians to finish off my 25mm allied army. I also purchased a 1mm drill bit as the Uhlans came with close hands (and a hole was needed). Drilling a hole in a lead figure, for some reason has me feeling as if I have moved up 400 levels in the world of "Wargamer\Painter" (Funny given a 10 year old could probably do it :). Some guns, some generals and some Militia (types)

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