Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Now Im quite an open and honest guy and I understand that figure manufacturers may have issues. Like the issues the Calpe Miniatures guy had with his vulcaniser which lead to some supply issues. Thats fair enough - he warned people about it and it was all above board.

I have dealt with many suppliers, Foundry\Front Rank\Caliver\Baccus\Old Glory\Victrix and they have been excellent. The small orders I have made form Foundry were dispatched the next day and the others were fairly the same. The lads at Victrix were excellent and helped me out when my nephew lost my instructions for the French Line - they sent me a pdf replacement via email. Teresa at Old Glory 25s is fantastic and my hats go off to most suppliers, Front Rank great, Redoubt great, Doug at MSC is fantastic.

All excellent except for Black Tree Design who are, quite frankly, the worst.. Dealing with this company is like shoving your head through a woodchipper only you have it turned off halfway through. I have had two orders take over 6 months to complete, the last order was made in August 09 and in Oct i recived half of the order. My attempts to get old of them have been wrought with failure and even though a call to the UK from old NZ all I get is "Oh yes we have it" and then nothing. It is damn April now and Im still waiting for my final figures (12 figures and a resin halftrack0. I have almost given up chasing them and am tempted to get my cousin to turn up at thier premises and ask WTF ? I do however recieve all their damn promotional emails yet any question in my order goes to the big loop hole in the sky.

Nothing erks me more than this.

To cheer myself up Im going to look at some 15mm AB french I have and maybe Ill paint some while Im doing the 28mms

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