Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting Progress

The small batch of Prussians are finished and I am happy with the result. Now I can organse getting the rest of them done (28 cav, 16 gun crew and maybe 150+ infantry). Currently I have 12 cav and 100 (5 Regt) odd infantry painted and when the rest are finished this should increases to 48 cavalry, 4 guns and 260 infantry ( 13 Regt)

Below are the Officer and a crewman of Prussian Foot Artillery. I quite like these figures and I quite like Prussians. It is odd how for 17 odd years I just ignored Prussians and Austrians and knew absolutely noting about them. I guess the Brits and French always got the limelight :) as I was guilty of the usual Napoleanic startup of Imperial Guard, lancers, Cuirrassiers etc..

Another 2 crewman - the base paint I used is a Tamaiya weathering paint that has a mud effect. I then highlight it and next on the list is to flock and make pretty.
Above is my Neumark militia officer - for some reason I love low grade troops. They have that "working man" appeal and always offer a challenge. The last battle I had with Archduke Piccilo my militia held for two turns and then ran for the hills - its was quite fun really. However I still look back to that fateful day many many years ago when my Spanish miltia brigade gave some french a good stonking.

I beleive the model below is Blucher (Old Glory so a Prussian personality pack)so I will need to adjust his hair as he looks in his early 20's at the moment. I have also only undercoated the horse (I hate horses) but have picked up some tips so will hopefully improve on it.

My Victrix Nepolitans have been undercoated - I forgot the tedium of all white uniiforms (Those 100 odd westphalians soon dissapeared into my memory) so have decided to paint some Russians at the same time. Doing 16 figures in one job - 8 Russe and 8 Naples. Started with command and the voltiguers just so the colour gets in there. I will mix things up with some campaign "non regulation items" to give some variety. When these are done it should give me a whopping 16 Infantry Regt as well as 12 Cavalry units eeek.

And the PavlovMusician and Line officer. The drummer is Foundry Figure while the Officer is Old Glory. They were base painted some time ago so I am going over existing work as the original was quite sloppy. I must have been drunk or something :). I have 60 Russian infantry already painted and when these are completed it will make 200 Odd infantry and 30 cav + Guns.

And behold ! The Destroyer of Worlds -- Arabella in her campaign uniform with Teddy insignia and light blue gaiters :)


paulalba said...

LOL, The Destroyer of Worlds!
My wife even had a laugh at that 1!

Great looking blog Jacko
regards from Scotland


Jacko said...

Thanks - I have only restarted wargaming in the last few years and recently have been attempting to paint properly - I'm still fairly sloppy but they are getting better !


Galpy said...

It takes time to become a good painter i think your figures look really good the thing is to always be thinking how can i do this better or who paints like i want be able to paint like then ask questions, most people are quite happy to say how they paint.
Keep up the great work and yes I'm also one who hasn't thought about prussians much but might in the near future.
Cheers Kent