Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Musings

I finally got the camera out after some painting. I've been doing a good 1.5 hours a night most nights and I have to say I'm enjoying it. I'm painting a mix of figures as I have found that I just bump from project to project and never finish anything, so if I mix three projects at once I can then progress each one. There is a method to my madness you know :).

Below are the 95% finished Voltigeur Company of the 4th Neopolitan Infantry. A few touch ups are needed here and there (the faces and some other areas) - I also did the command elements (not pictured) and I need to glue a new standard on the Eagle. I really like the uniforms - the mix of colours appeal to me and the Victrix figures are great.
Next in line are the Grenadiers and a standard inf company. They should look quite snappy with the mix of white and red.

95% finished Pavlov Grenadiers (and a dead frenchman). Again some slight touchups needed (and a standard !) but they look quite good for my ability. The drum needs some work though as I never have a clue what the drums are supposed to look like. I have a tonne of casualty figures that Im also doing as though to add some flavour or even make some larger bases for my generals.

Russian Cuirrassiers (Old Glory) - I started these three a while back and I cant even remember what unit they are supposed to be. So start again ! Have only worked on the white uniform and face basecoast so far as am working over old painting. My notes are all on my work PC so will need to reorganise and get things noted everywhere (with the figures might help !)

And some more 15mm French\Naples types. These are TTG\Battleline figures that I picked up yonks ago -some gnomish characters but what the hell - Ill paint them anyway. Left to right - Neopolitan Chevaux-Leger,Line Lancers (Unit number to come) and some Dragoons (unnumbered as well)

And finally the beginning of Princess Arabella's Army, not sure what this uit is as I have to make the history of this imagination nation. I vaguely recall the lads in green are Irish mercenaries while the Red coated fellows are the Foot artillery. Again these were half painted figures I started working on again. hopefully the next lot are more detailed and crisp. im going to have fun developing this "nation" and I have even been making flags.

And even better news is that I now have some Perry Dragoons and Hussars :). Some more Neopolitan\Italian dandies are going to be shown off.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Plenty of progress on the Napoleonic front - not so much on the 18th C. I have recently undercoated my new Austrians - that's about it for them. But, as you have seen, the Army of Altmark-Uberheim is coming along...
Cheers -