Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Well, a month or two since another post - Lets see what else can go wrong, broken nose, month long sinus infection, child gastro illness, unfortunate news about two mates of mine. It has certainly been "Bad News Bear" month hasn't it. The only thing I seem to be able to control at the moment has been painting little soldiers of which I am back into full time production.

That then led to the thought - Why paint ? I don't game at all, I haven't in a year as I'm always tired weeknights, weekends are impossible and sometimes I am simply content with my own musings. So my large projects are back in storage as I won't get to game them (Against another human being) for a while in any decent time frame (20mm WW2 Pacific, Western Desert, 28mm Napoleonics) as I simply don't have the time (or energy to lump 600 28mm figures around per army). (There is also a house move being planned soon so I am only getting the small boxes out).

So whats the plan then ? Its solo gaming (I've been a LW member for a while now) at home when I have the time.  My schedule in the next few months is chockablock and I can't see myself getting any time free. Anti-social yes but I can sit in my PJ's with a cup of tea when the house falls silent at night and conquer worlds,and if I can't be bothered then I don't mess anyone around.

So I've "amped" up the painting on my little projects and pulled a few bags out of storage. I've also organized myself a little and have a game\scenario setup for each one so I have something concrete to work to.) The following shall occur in the near future.
  • 15mm SciFi game (using
  • 15mm Zombie game
  • 6mm Marine assault on Parry Island
  • 10mm Vietnam skirmish.

Recent news has been 15mm.co.uk\Alternative-Armies have released "The Ion Age" and this has really got my attention. Its space opera\sci-fi "stuff" that instantly appealed to me, it appealed so much I have even been granted a spot on their play testing team for a new rule set.

Other Painting
Below: A test paint job on a Curtis - Hell Diver - It's from a Trumpeter 1/350 pack of 6 (for $8 a pack -  that was under so much dust at acorn models) mainly meant for model aircraft carriers. So as I am sorting out my 6mm WW2 figures (Japanese, US Marines, 1944 Germans and 1944 British\Canadians) I thought I'd give it a crack. I might try and find some 1/300 decals (If they exist) as I can't paint stars to save myself.
 A 15mm PzIII for my Nuts - Blood Upon The Risers campaign. I painted it last year but it was sitting on my painting tray so it was the first cab off the rank so to speak.

Zombies ! I enjoy the zombie apocalypse style of game - it can throw up so many interesting scenarios (Shooting wise that is not the old HBO "Days of our walking dead lives" claptrap :) ). So I have some terrain, I have some cars and now I have a few beat cops ready to pop a few zeds. I even have a Takeaway restaurant to set it all around (To come)!.
 A few "country types" ready for a bit of the old country hoe-down.
 And some very old zombies (15mm.co.uk) from a decade or two ago at least.

That's it time being - The above are only a few of the hundred of so figures I've done in the last few weeks so hopefully this blog will see more action soon.

Take care.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Do you know - I seem to be going down the same Solo-Wargaming track, though I have perhaps a few more resources available to me, such as time...

I guess that is the fate of dudes whose interests aren't main stream. No one I know is interested in Army Men, and I would not have been myself were it not for friend Jono, though I was before I met him a member of the Armymencrew Yahoo group. I still prefer my own Napoleonic rule set, but I'm also thinking of going back to the rule set I used to play as a student in Auckland, suitably amended to something closer to ... realism, of course.

And I have several other small projects in the pipeline. All I need is an injection of energy and motivation...

I do hope to see an increase in volume in this blogspot, Paul. Just as I hope to do something about mine (though I found that contrary to my intentions, the Chess on Gameknot occupying a goodish deal of my time, mainly mentoring and coaching...)


Jacko said...

Yes time is my main culprit, I'd happily play anything if I had time but these days anything more than 2 hours at night simply knocks me out or for some reason.


Francis Lee said...

I hear what you're saying as due to a new crap job I'm constantly tired and haven't gamed in months, I have a large modern and sci-fi collection and solo gaming could be the future as well.

Jacko said...

Hopefully our work settles down for all of us and we get to game again. I guess its just a phase of wargaming life.

Phil said...

Nice looking minis!

Rodger said...

Glad to see you have been doing a bit of painting Paul!

Jacko said...

Thanks for you comments everyone.