Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Use Me Sci Fi

So after a little painting last night  I gave USE ME Sci Fi rules ( a whirl on the kitchen table. I randomly rolled for a Human force. The random rolls were simply based on the figures I had painted and available. The result was one Imperial Security Officer (Laserburn Retained Figure), 2 Embassy Staff (Astro Miniatures) and a rather pointless Repair Droid (GZG).  Then rolling for a Force of Malig's (theionage Goblinoid henchmen) who were going to Assault them (basically it was 2 D6 of Malig's) and I used the USE ME solo rules to determine their behavior. The resulting roll was aggressive which meant they will basically come charging in gins blazing and then try to skewer the humanoids on point things.

The table was simply a hotz mat I picked up of trade me, and a few ammo crates items for the sake of it and the photos were taken from my phone as my camera is dead.

The game started with the humanoids standing around a tracked vehicle waiting on a Transporter to pick them up. The force of Malig's then come charging on the table in a skirmish line and make straight at the enemy.

The game last 4 turns and is summarized as follows. No one can shoot anything with accuracy to save themselves, so the Malig's basically charge. The security officer gets wounded  a great deal, but manages to kill half the Maligs in melee, while the combat droid is destroyed.

The other two humans don't really do anything constructive in melee, neither do the Maligs so they all stand there for two turns waiting for the Security Officer to dispatch people in once he has cleared his own attackers.


The game was very fast, it was all over in about 20 minutes. The USE ME rules are very easy and simple and seemed like a good rule set for a fast shootemup\hackand slash type of game.  The lack of Morale Rules  did mean that I could fight till the death, but I should read the rules again as I suspect I may have missed something.  if there isn't I can always just make some up. Anyhow it was good fun and the rules were pretty straight forward

As it was 9.15Pm I was tempted to then try TwoHourWargames space 2150 but I thought I'd better devote some time to it properly another night (As I recall the rules are large so more time will be spent flicking though pages) so I went and prepared 50 6mm tanks for painting.

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