Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello Again Chappies,

I have to say I have been getting royally brassed off with a number of things. Every day I log in "something" seems to change om my pages - I either lose my dashboard link, my reading list or get prompted to activate this profile or that profile or some horse manure like that.(Which I try to avoid like the plague) !

Brass Off number 2 was my package of "theionage" Pyridian troops went amiss for 3 weeks due to NZPost. When it finally turned up it was flat as a pancake and it was quite obvious from the indents on the cardboard that it been run over by some type of vehicle. As I saw the postie put it in the letterbox I fairly certain it didn't get run over in my drive, and the grit on it was still fresh so it looks like it occurred in NZ.

 So two figures died a slow death (They were at the wrong angle, at the wrong time), but the rest came though OK. I have painted two up a test case but I am not very pleased with the results so need to work on my shading schemes\highlight for white uniformed Space imperials.

And my 15mm Nuts\Blood Upon the Risers game is all set to go, I have finished basing and painting so all I need to do now is sort out the characters\men for  first scenario (Flash and Thunder)  and then get cracking. Below are my FlamesOfWar US Paras, not too bad figures  as I bought them an age ago when the packs seemed quite cheap. One of these poor sods gets to land in a field in Normandy.....
 Next to this.........
We shall see what happens !

I also painted up a few German Paras to give my 1939 Dutch a run around at Ebaen Emael (From the Donald Featherstone Wargames book).


Archduke Piccolo said...

Looks as though some interesting projects in the pipeline. I seem to recall your series of small actions that you wrote up back about 20 years ago in Southern Sortie. You were recovering from something medical (broken arm?) at the time.

Perhaps you could revisit those, sometime?

Jacko said...

You read my mind Ion. Yes I had a broken ankle so I played on my desk at home - Vietnam, Korea, Ebaen Emael and Croatia.

I used an upside down Subbuteo cloth as my green underlay and the figures were all airfix\esci. Interestingly enough I still have the Vietnam Esci figures I used for that game !.