Saturday, September 21, 2013

6mm madness


I managed to watch 2 hours of a Napoleonic wargame today at Colin's and I was more than happy just to sit there and watch the fun. Afterwards I was tempted to get all my 15mm Napoleonic figures out on a table to see just how much I had painted but the thought of putting it all away afterwards put me off. I also saw some 10mm ww2 figures and I had to beat the "Oh Oh Shiney" goblins down from my mind as I was quite tempted to get some.

So instead I picked another scale ! The below are 6mm Chevaux-Leger figures from Adler, I have a box of them floating about and these guys were painted a year ago but never based. So as I was basing some figures tonight I threw them in the production line. Heaven only knows how I'm supposed to stick a flag to that pole. !.

 I also have a swag of 28mm Germans and Russians that I am going to sell. They are 75% painted so I thought I would finish them and then sell them, as I couldn't bring myself to sell half painted figures. So I have painted a 4 man Panzer crew. They all came from my black tree design "ORDER FROM HELL" - the only order I have ever had go wrong. There was a small "delay" and I received my order in dribs and drabs OVER 2 YEARS. The order was actually fully sent in that time I should be thankful it turned up at all.
... and a 3 man MMG section. Still a little tidy up to go (as well as checking the internet for what colours things were supposed to be).
 Finally I have been painted 6mm Japanese and US Marines for some solo beach landing action, Ive started with the Japanese 70mm Bn guns.( The figures ate HnR Japanese).
 3 Ha Go tanks - HnR again - cheap and effective !.
 At the same time I am finishing my Normandy Germans as I plan to do some small scale airborne actions. My German stuff is mostly GHQ I bought in the 90's (and looking at the prices I should have purchased more back then)

 and an M125 Mortar carrier for Vietnam\Cold War US. HnR again and it will do its job for the price paid.

(I am going to buy some decals as I sick of painting stars already.)


Rodger said...

Some very nice looking stuff there Paul. If you ever fancy a game just email me and I will see what I can setup. Usually every second Wednesday night.

Jacko said...

Thanks Rodger.

Macca717 said...

More 6mm, you're crazy Jacko ;-)

Jacko said...

6mm ww2 and moderns is easy to paint - its all green and brown !