Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Production Line continues.


I've been on this blog now for over 6 years with long periods of inactivity lol. I've gone through maybe 3 laptops in that time so Ive found the blog to be a good gallery of things I can look at when painting, so I don't have to find completed figures in the boxes in the garage.

Another few steady evenings of painting. I have a leaving do on Friday and I need to get a playtest game under my belt before Sunday such is the life of a wargaming gentleman.

The trickle of 6mm ww2 continues with some support items for my US Marines - a couple of HnR Shermans and a jeep (I have tonnes of them and I swear basing them takes longer than painting them). I should have enough soon for a few small games to test out various rules.  These figures must be 10 years old at least.

I am also going hell for leather on my 15mm Ionage figures. I need them to play test some rules so I knocked out a few squads of Muster (militia) - the great thing about Ion  Age is you can make up whatever units\planets\faction you want so I picked a colour and went with it.
 Some Pyridian Retained Knights (Dudes with big guns and nice armour) - The Pyridian's are the Human Empire troops who are fighting in a Civil War against the Rebels while also fighting an ancient enemy once though vanquished into the bowels of space.

Some 10mm (Pendraken) Vietnam for FNG (Two Hour Wargames) - I bought a few packs to have some solo games as the jungle scenery I use for my 6mm will do nicely.

And finally my painted 28mm German tank crew that I will sell. I have some sort of mental block to selling half painted figures so I finished them anyway.

I have about 30 Germans and 30 odd Russians (28mm Black Tree)  I'm selling as well so I think I'll just sell them "as is " because painting them will take ages. Of course if anyone is interested let me know - They need a good home.



Archduke Piccolo said...

Well, it looks as though the hobby is still keeping you off street corners, Paul! :-)

I notice that not only is there a littoral named after me (Ionia) but a whole Period, Epoch, Era - an entire Age, withal: the Ion Age. I like it! It is no less than I deserve...

Chasseur said...

Nice paintjobs Paul, the white in particular looks very good!

Jacko said...

Thanks !

I'm going to have to paint my Prydian commander as you Ion, you might aswell have a Lord named after you aswell !.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Paul, I would be flattered indeed to have a Lord character named for me in your project. Keep me posted!