Thursday, July 30, 2015

More Gallipoli Pics

Roly has placed some high quality images of the Gallipoli display on The Lead Adventure Forum. These are pics from Wargames Illustrated (which I don't buy anymore as its sadly a shadow if its former self).

However it does highlight one thing that made me smile, one of the figures I painted right at the front. I must have done one of them good enough then !

I haven't done much this week apart from long long hours of work, though I'm painting tonight and will plan two weeknights next week where I shall try to catch up with the Archduke and attempt another solo game of Rally Round the King.


paulalba said...

Lovely picture!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Very fine and well animated pic. Any evening next week is good for me, Paul. Look forward to hearing from you! Ive been doing a little bit of work on my Confederates... And I think I might have a bit of a squizz at my Ancients... I don't recall if you've ever seen much of those...