Saturday, July 11, 2015


Well after some time I finally had a week off and went off to Wellington. All week long it was cold, raining or sleet but that  did not stop us and we had a thoroughly good time.

Top of my list was the Gallipoli display that I painted figures for (Peter Jackson's figures designed by the Perry's). I have seen a lot of pictures of this already but it was a great experience to see the diorama myself and it was epic. It felt good to see my figures in the display and the pics below are of some of them in the masses.

I also popped into Modelcrafts and Hobbies for a look around. Alas the website photo had me enthusiastic but upon arrival I found them in the midst of reducing shop size and running down stock. Hopefully it is more a space issue than profitability issue but I took great joy in rummaging through their sales table. A lot of items 50% off so I did grab an Airfix Pontoon bridge for $13.
Not a lot happening apart from playing Hordes of Things a few times against Colin. Luckily he lives right near my work so I can pop down easily for some games. It has motivated me to finish the rest of my figures and complete my RallyRoundtheKing Campaign and also rebase my armies from playing in bowling greens.

Below - The Goblin Civil War - Ruzzley Moon Boyz vs Hillssbro Hill Smashers.

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paulalba said...

The Gallipoli display looks also! Nice purchase!