Monday, August 4, 2014

Rally Round the King testing.

So far this week I have played three solo Rally Round the King Games (from Two hour Wargames). These games have been to simply play test the rules as I get ready for a Solo Talomir campaign to generate some battles. The first game on Sunday night took around an hour and ended up in the Goblins getting smashed to pieces on a Dwarven shield wall. I then discovered that I got the rules on Goblins wrong (Skirmishers and formations) so I then played another game and it ended up in the Dwarfs getting a hiding (The dwarf General tried to turn the tide and ended up as a kebab) and I then discovered flaw 2 in that I had mistaken the Terror rule (It only applies to big nasty things like wolves but not goblins) so things wouldn’t have been as bad for the Dwarves. So a third game ensued – this took about half an hour and I found I knew the rules pretty well by now so I only had to refer back to the unit statistics a few times. The dwarves took the third game and the survived simply due to well train troops that could simply endure a battering.

You will see from the pic below I that I can get this on a table (I’ll have a bigger gaming mat and scenery of course) and have it all taken care of in an hour – right next to the kettle and biscuit tin.

The Talomir campaign involves a group of nations that fight in the world of Talomir. These are a mix of Humans and other folk (Goblins, Orcs, Elves etc etc). The great thing is the Human nations are simply Historical armies substituted into another settings.
I have never played ancients before so I will also be using RRTK to get used to these type of warfare and also learn about different nations and troop types that will hopefully form some bases if I ever get around to playing HoTT Tournaments at CWC. It was also mean I have will have 3 Ancient armies I could possibly use for something else.

Talmoir Nations
Tropilium – (Late Roman) – Legion and Auxiliary.
Treyine – (100YW English) – Archers and dismounted Knights.
Border Kingdoms- (Normans) – Retainers and levies.
Elf- Archers and Soldiers.
Dwarf- Crossbows and Soldiers.
Goblin- Little green men with pointy sticks and the odd wolf rider.
Orc- Bigger green men with pointy sticks and the occasional big nasty thing.

I am just finishing painting the Normans and Romans and then I will be ready to start.  The next project is to get some small WW2 6mm forces finished for the same purposes.


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