Thursday, July 24, 2014



I have been away for a few weeks in Auckland and Australia so things stopped somewhat. I did managed to take several boxes of WSS with me and have made them up (Which was fun) so I at least managed to get something done.

My current task is organising myself now that I have more space and getting some projects started. One good thing to come out of it all is that I am now moving a lot of items into some decent storage so everything is together , instead of being spread across 4 or 5 other boxes, using some "tri-drawer "storage boxes. I have a few already so each genre will end up with its own box - I find this storage a lot easier than my current system that involves checking stuff in any box I can find.

The first task is to get all the 1/72 ACW figures into a box like the above and not have it spread out everywhere like it is now. On top.......

 At the side............
 At the back...

Then I will have another box for WSS and other items I am painting. So incase I moved things around it doesnt turn into a big mess like the below.

Now that I am back home I have started painting again with a little helper. My daughter wants to paint (Anything) so I have been allowing her to undercoat figures. Below are some 15mm undead ( that she coated last night.

While I worked on finishing some 15mm fantasy dwarves ( and finishing some 28mmACW (Perry).
I purchased a box of ACW last year for the refight and then prompt;ly got pneumonia so missed it. So I will paint the last four figures, base then and then sell them.

The photos above have been taken with a tablet that I am experimenting with  given my camera is now quite dated (and clunky).



Archduke Piccolo said...

I am very familiar with the hunt for the right box - so much so that I don't always know what I have in my collection...s. The tray system seems tidier, and the stuff much moer easily retrievable. I believe it does something for domestic harmony as well... :-)

Jacko said...

Cheers Ion,

Yes my main aim is to know exactly where everything is at all times, and if I want to get something out all I have to do is grab a tray instead of 6 boxes.