Sunday, August 10, 2014

28mm Perry ACW - 83rd Pennsylvania.


Last year I was going to play in the Gettysburg Refight, I had some figures painted but then Pneumonia struck and and I simply faded out for a good few months. I found the figures last week and decided to finish them off and then sell them to anyone who would actually use them.

I used the same painting techniques on these as my 15mm so they are very blue. However on my various trips to the States I have seen all shades of Union uniforms so I think they are fine . Perry figures are a joy to paint, but after 6mm/15mm I forgot how much space a painted and based 28mm unit will take up.

(I am also amazed that my camera (held together by medical tape) managed to take such good photos)

I can't remember who I got the flags off but they are good. I d need to finish them off as there were glued on but not tidied up afterwards. (I should have really put the flags bases in the right position for my photo).

28mm figures look bloody great don't they.  I won't do ACW in 28mm (20mm and 6mm are enough) but it was good fun painting them up, if a year late that is.

I'm looking at my Napoleonics and WSS with Envy but I need to finish a lot of other things off first. I do need to rebase my Napoleonics first and also finish off the Allied Armies (Prussian, Russian and British) but as it means at painting 300 figures and rebasing 800 or so I'm not really THAT motivated.



Archduke Piccolo said...

Hi Paul -
I'm making some kind of effort myself to finish painting my Napoleonics. The real challenge will probably some truly horrible Prussian plastic cavalry figures - sd muntedly hideous it is hard to dredge up the motivation to do them. But III Corps is coming along - some touching up and flocking to do. Then it will be the turn of IV Corps and the Imperial Guard (The Old Guard is represented by those bearskin guys you gave me several years ago, painted up as Chasseurs of the Guard, rather than Grenadiers)

In the meantime, I've been studying up how I might do Waterloo with my new BB4ST game system. I don't really have enough British cavalry do do this, but maybe can rope in other types that can pretend to be KGL or similar.

Hope this finds you chipper and in good health,

Archduke Piccolo said...

Oh, I forgot to say: them there is some awesome Union figures, dude. Interestingly, I have an 83rd Penna in my army, but it is less ... erm ... representative, shall we say?

Rodger said...

Fantastic looking Union troops there Paul! Unfortunately mine are all Renegade otherwise I might have been interested. Having said that I am sure you will have no problem selling these guys!

Jacko said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'm still half tempted to get back into repairing my 28mm French but I know it would take a long time to finish. Unless I start small and do the Russians or Prussians first.


Chasseur said...

Beautiful work on these :) I ove the blue.