Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ramelle "Take two."

Some time ago I managed to take part in a refight of the Ramelle area on 7th June 1944. Last weekend the same table was used again and was an encounter action between advancing Allies and a German batlegroup

All 10mm Pendraken figures from Colin and Jim Morton's collections (I need to get mine painted asap). I drew a map of the action and then promptly lost it so all I have are some out of sequence pictures.

My Panzer Grenadiers give some Paras who "came a calling" a good kicking in the woods. Very soon "For you the war is over" was being barked in bad English.
 The German HQ sits  in the village sampling local fare.
My Tigers prowl in the fields while getting bombarded by 105mm Howitzers (That didn't do a thing to them).
 Paul's German Infantry secure our objective.
 Colin's fabulous British Para Mortar section.
 A German battalion forming in the woods for its assault (They can't see us so no artillery is incoming).
 The Sherman's skulk in cover !
 The Tigers pounce.
 And "pounce" they did get as they missed all firing (You know those woe-full dice you roll when you don't need to roll them), the supporting infantry then missed......everything and some Paras in the woods took them out. It always amazes me how bad my dice get when its a "critical roll" and how that luck then transforms into my opponents dice that all become 6's.

I did feel better 5 mins later as some Stug's lit up the Sherman at 100m range but I only have 3 Stugs and there are still 10 Shermans floating around.

The game is in the balance and it will be continued, hopefully the moons all align and I can get to the game.

Very enjoyable game it was and I managed to game from 9am through till 4.30pm - A massive achievement.!.


Chasseur said...

Game looks great. 10mm, hmm seems like that might be a nice compromise between the space you get with 6mm, and the aesthetics of the 15's.

Jacko said...


Yes they are, large enough to get some good detail but small enough for large battles and larger forces.


Michael Peterson said...

Nice looking table and figures. You don't see a lot of 10mm games, so great to see one in that scale. What rules were you using?

Jacko said...


A locally written set that is being tested - I do not even know what they are called apart from "Colin's Rules".

So far the rules have been easy to understand and enjoyable.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Nice pictures, Paul, and plenty of inventory on the table. I've never cottoned to 6mm as a scale (though I have quite a few 2nd hand 6mm Brits and Germans here that I've done nothing with these 10 years or more). But 10mm is something that sounds well worth a look. Going by the pix anyhow!