Monday, January 20, 2014

Fell off the wagon.

8 days of no gaming\painting\modelling has finished. Last week I made a last minute dash to get involved in a game at Mr Clarksons residence across town. Its a long way to go after a day of work but my withdrawal symptoms of not doing anything had me beaten.

We played in a small Fire and Fury game where a small CSA force (2 infantry, 1 cav, 2 guns) raced to defend a bridge crossing before a Union force (4 Inf, 1 Cav,3 guns) could attack it. I commanded One CSA infantry and the cavalry, while Nigel took the remaining Infantry unit and the battery. Our opposition were Geoff and Ross. The game was extremely exciting for such a small game and was in the balance for most of the game. The CSA came out victors.......just. My units took a beating defending the bridge but thanks to Ross rolling a never ending list of 1's on a d10 (miss) for his artillery at point blank range they just held on. We managed to stall a Union column attacking across the bridge in the last few moves and it saved my bacon.

As the midweek boredom is killing me (I don't watch TV, I find its not relaxing at all, and xbox gaming hurts my eyes after a day at work) and most of my lead-pile is in storage I have visited Acorn models and walked out with.......


Two of my greatest enemies. Limbers and Horses are not my strong point but it is time to face my fears as as well as kick-start my 1/72 ACW forces again. I have not made a model plane since 1993 and I remember that was a disaster (I was 17 though) so I'm going to I've this one a good crack. I also have some putty to fill the horrible join lines that are always present in model kits and it will be a Tropical paint job (In my version of Sandgelb, which is Dark yellow (Dunkelgelb) as I only have a dark yellow spray can, and no sand left :) -)

Of course I have a box under my desk at work full of some kits so they will also make an appearance.


Rodger said...

Good to see you are getting a bit of gaming in Paul!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Paul -
You are welcome for a game here...

Jacko said...

Cheers Ion.

I was going to call you this week to see what you are up to.


Francis Lee said...

Good to hear there is some activity old boy!