Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

2013 Review.

I have painted a lot of figures this year - mostly 15mm and 6mm. I haven't  done too much gaming, a few games at the start of the year plus some odd solo games on the kitchen table. I've also been sick for a great deal of this year, and also travelled for roughly 2 months for work which has really caused me all sorts of grief. However, as I spent 6 months not doing anything at all game\paint-wise as I really enjoy painting figures I should count my blessings.
2014 Goals

I need Goals as I've been in a bit of a drought, a bit like West Ham - wandering aimlessly through the year only talking up big but suffering humiliating defeats to Fulham.

  • Complete 28mm WSS Spanish Army 8x18 figure Battalions, 12 Cavalry and some guns.
  • Start 25mm HOTT army (Fairytale What goes bump in the night army - Goblins,Gnomes, bogeyman,ogres,heroes, princes blah blah)
  • Finish 15mm French Army (200 odd figures)
  • Finish 15mm Prussian Army(150 odd figures)
  • Finish 15mm Warrior Heroes armies (Elf, Dwarf, Roman) - 100 odd figures
  • Rebasing 28mm Napoleonics (Re-base current French and allied Armies to bigger bases to ease movement of figures)
  • Finishing 28mm French army (I still have 6 units, 4 cav to complete)
  • Finishing 28mm Russian and Prussian Armies (Still have a good 8 or so units to complete)
  • Start 28mm British Army (8 Bns to do)
  • Finish WW2 Desert Armies - 1/72
  • Finish 6mm napoleonic armies (For quick solo games at home)
  • 1/72 18th Century Imaginations (Get the ball rolling)
  • Ignore trademe and ebay (and TMP, and tabletopgaming news)

Oh and some terrain would be good.

What's the common theme (Apart from OCD\ADHD with a splice of Hording )! - Napoleonics - I simply love it and have armies in 3 scales. What a nutcase !

The amount of time I spend painting I firmly believe that I can complete the above - I average 2 hours painting at least a night.

 My biggest issue has always been space, as currently I have to unpack everything and repack it at night (So little hands cant get my "pretty horsies" and "daddys little men") and this takes time. Hopefully soon (As we are homeless in 2 weeks for a month) when we have a new house I can have some decent space for a game as-well as to leave things out. I have not rebased the 28mm Nappies as it would mean getting them all out, glueing them and then putting them all away in one night - I simply havent had the motivation to do it !.

Happy New Year To all.


Archduke Piccolo said...

That's quite a progamme, Paul. I wish I could motivate myself to 2 hours actually doing something each evening. I'm really just poking around my projects... If you can keep up that pace you will have a lot to show for it come year's end.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I'm about to send you an e-mail in re the WSS figures and things. Please let me know if that's the best means of communication, or you'd prefer via the Comments in this (or my) blog.

paulalba said...

Happy New Year Jacko and good luck with the goals for 2014!

Jacko said...

Thanks everyone and happy new year to you all.

yes Ion, email and I'll try and give you a call anyway to talk about basing and rules etc.

Rodger said...

Happy New Year Paul! Good luck with your projects.

Jacko said...

Happy new year to you Rodger.

Chasseur said...

Wow that's quite a list! Good luck for the new year!