Monday, January 13, 2014

All packed up and nothing to do.

So we are almost out of the house and living in Limbo. To add to the joy of moving I managed to contract Food poisoning and spent the entire time ill. As all I ate for three days (Ill and moving days)was 3 bananas so I am feeling a trifle tired at the moment and have come to work for rest

In the spare hour I have a day I haven't done a great deal. The laptop has also crapped itself so I have no internet access at the temporary lodgings until it is fixed (Power supply is toast and while I am a software genius, electrical areas are not my expertise), I have no figures to paint so have mostly been reading the Piquet Les Grognards Rule-set Les Grognards 2 I received recently, playing Xbox Fifa12 soccer and sleeping.

Why Les Grognards and Piquet for Solo?

This rule set I would be using for my solo ramblings so I was looking for a set with suitable Solo\FOG appeal. The internet is a wealth of ideas on how to achieve these, but currently I don't have the motivation to make my own set of solo mechanics so I will simply use a printed set for the time being. I do have an extensive library of solo mechanics picked up from various sources (Lonewarrior, blogs etc) so one day I will make my own. The ruleset is also card activated so it takes a lot of the I see and control all aspect out of a wargame.

I am tempted by the mechanics that SmallWorldProductions posted some time ago using counters for a solo campaign to generate battles using the rules he mentioned, as well as adding my own (Random events\Rebellions etc) to get some solo games going, simply to test out my mechanics.

My main aim is to be able to do  a solo peninsular campaign (or part of it - 1808) and the British "brought forward) invasion of Denmark in 1807 (It was in 1808 but I fancy the Cuesta's Spanish being there and on the French side). These games I can just do when I feel like when no other game opportunity exists.

I'm an avid fan of Tabletop Diversions solo dungeon campaign. When I started Historical wargaming in the late 1980's I never saw myself doing D&D\RPG but I have used Labrynth Lord myself for simply playing about and quite like the ruleset (they are very long though). Though my own dungeon delves so far have resulted in each party being wiped out really quickly !

As we are living with the in-laws I now have a bountiful supply of baby sitters so I plan to get some actual gaming going as well hopefully.



Archduke Piccolo said...

All the bast for getting in some actual games, Paul!

Speaking of WSS (I know you weren't, but I have in my last posting!) I was wondering how you were off for WSS artillery. If you didn't have any, I was thinking I have a couple of gun barrels to spare that might be married to any spare gun carriages you have around. Or I could come up with something.


Jacko said...

Hi Ion,

I have one box of guns so I assume it it two pieces ?